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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Singer 404

Posted on the chat board, but it was suggested I post it here as well. Here goes.  Question for you knowledgable (sp) collectors: I got a Singer 404 at a yard sale, not realizing it was strictly straight stitch, but that's okay. But with it I was given "attachments" which turned out to be a buttonholer for the 301 and an automatic zigzagger for the 301, plus a box of "zigzag and stretch accessories" for Singer model 417. Unless I am missing something (probably my brain LOL), if the 404 only straight stitches how on earth could any of these be its attachments (unless it is something for straight stitch and happens to fit the foot) The 404 is also a slant needle but I haven't tried putting any of this stuff on it. Been busy trying to find a spool pin of all things, looks like I will have to find an OSMG someplace out here. Any and all comments welcome. (I will probably try to resell it all somehow after I find a spool pin; other than that it runs very smoothly and just needs a little cleaning up.) Lavinia/AZ

My Quilt Inspector or why I need a design board

I decided to work on the borders of this quilt and Pebbles decided to check it out.  Took her picture and put the camera away, came back and Lucy, our cat, was on it.  Once I got the animals off of it and started realized I was missing one piece.  It's pack away (I hope) until we move into the new house.  Should be moved in a couple of weeks.

Monday, October 22, 2012

I finally got an invite to post on the BB - not sure if this will post on the the Chat or Quilt BB so this is a test.  Probably would be easier just to wait for my youngest grandson to get home from school.  He's our go to person.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Megan's Wonky Star Gets To Make a TV Appearance

Some of my friends on the About quilting forum had encouraged me to submit a photo of my "Megan's Wonky Star" wallhanging that I sent to a "quilt challenge" in Australia to the CBS Sunday Morning television show to use in their broadcasts.  Here's why they suggested it:

"Judy, I think you'd really enjoy Sunday Morning.  They only do a "hard news" segment right at the beginning, but the rest of the show is personal interest-type information.  They do a lot of art, music, cultural things (remember Charles Kuralt's "On the Road"?).  Between segments there is always a sun done in any kind of medium you could think of--even Legos!  They're all a take off on the CBS Sun logo, and some are absolutely stunning!  The quilted one we're talking about is very similar to yours but doesn't have the face.  Yours would fit their format very nicely.  Go for it!"

So, based on the several forum quilters who egged me on, I sent CBS a photo of my quilt months ago.  Yesterday, I finally got a reply! 

"Hi, Ms. Knox…

Way back at the end of April, you sent me a lovely note which included your “Wonky Star” (aka “Wonky Sun”) artwork.  It is absolutely delightful, and one that I would love to use on our Sunday Morning broadcast.

Please excuse my delay in responding to your submission.  As you can imagine, my CBS mailbox is filled daily with suns that are mailed in by our viewers.   The good news is that I do eventually get through those stacks and find treasures like the one that you have sent me!

I am just wondering if you would be able to send me a jpg of your sun, so that our graphic artist can capture a clear image of it.  The image on your note isn’t quite clear enough to use on air.

Again, please accept my apologies for taking so long (!) to respond to your submission.

Jessica Frank
Associate Director/Sun Coordinator
CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood

Fun, huh???    Megan has her wall hanging in her sewing room at her condo now, so she's promised to send me a better, high resolution photo of it today so I can forward it on to Jessica.  I'll have to remember to turn the TV on on Sunday mornings and get in the habit of watching this show; based on what my quilter friends say, it might be interesting viewing.  But what a hoot, to have my small quilt that traveled all the way to Australia for an international competition now have a chance to be on national TV, even if only for a few seconds. 

Judy in Ohio