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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Kansas Troubles

Thanks for posting for me Mary, and others for worrying about me. We are fine. We dodged the storms last night and have so far today also. Of course, we are in a tornado watch now till 4 a.m.

Susan should be OK also. She is N and W of Greensburg. I think her area was under the gun for awhile today, but haven't heard of any damage there.

I feel so sorry for those people who lost their home, their town, everything! There have been tornados in the same area again tonight. So very sad.

Karen in KS


It's just as difficult for a town of 1500 in Kansas as it is for a city the size of New Orleans I suppose. The people are devastated emotionally and financially and are faced with starting from scratch. The logistics are simpler due to the smaller number of people requiring housing and other help but just as awful for those people nonetheless. My heart goes out to you or family and friends of those on the board.

More on the chat page about my first and last garage sale.


Kansas Troubles

Karen should be fine, she's north of Greensburg. Shirley is 100 miles east so she should be okay, I haven't heard of any damage in Wichita. I'm fine, in the southeast corner.
I just can't comprehend the whole town being wiped out, the schools are gone, no businesses left, the hospital has partially collapsed. How do you rebuild a whole town?
Mary in KS
I'm fine and Shirley and Karen should be too. Karen would be north of Greensburg, Shirley would be 100 miles east of there. I just can't comprehend that the whole town is gone, schools, no businesses left, the hospital partly collapsed. It's unbelievable. How do you rebuild a whole town?
Mary in Kansas

Kansas Troubles

I too am concerned about those who might have been impacted by the tornadoes in Kansas. If someone hears how people are, if I/we can help in any way, please post and let us know. I'm more than willing to thin the stash a bit to help a fellow quilter build back up after a tragedy.

Hugz to those who need them,
Mary in Oregon

for those who are in Kansas

I saw that there are at least three from Kansas (Susan, Mary, and Shirley) that are bloggers. Hope all is OK with you, not knowing if you were in the area or not. I feel devastated for the people that has lost their homes and the damage that it has done to the whole town of 1500. . Thoughts are with you. LONNA IN WI

Thursday, May 3, 2007

heat-resistant batting

A quick question

What to you all use inside quilted potholders? I have Warm n Natural, which I assume will work, but wasn't sure just how many layers to use or if I needed to get some type of heat resistant fabric to put in, too. Now I'm wishing I hadn't thrown out that old ironing board cover when we moved!

Found the fabric for these when Betty in Oregon and I went to the Fabric Depot in Portland last Saturday. There was a panel with placemat and potholders on it...just happened to have chickens and the exact color my DD is using in her newly remodeled kitchen. How could I resist?


Part of comment #9

Here is part of comment #9 so you won't have to look for it.
"In actuality, Ms. Sala’s quilt was judged to be the third place winner in the “Quilted for Hire” category of A Mountain Quiltfest. Through an administrative error she was notified that her quilt had won second place. When she was informed that an error had occurred, she was so upset that the decision was made to upgrade her prize package to the second place level, which included a check in the amount of $250. "

This is an out-and-out lie. The week after the show I received a letter from the City stating I had tied for second place and included a check for $250, which is the 2nd place money (3rd place was $150). I called their office upon receipt of the letter and asked if it were correct -- they stated yes, indeed it was, enjoy the $$. I said great! I was already honored to have received 3rd place. As I already have written, after that I asked for a red ribbon, returned the white one, etc. etc. At no time has anyone said they were not making the ribbons any more.

So their "cover-up" continues. The issue now is not the ribbon, but their inexcusable treatment of me and all the lying. So much for the public trust. You can bet your bippy the City of Pigeon Forge will never see another quilt of mine nor another dime spent there.

I won't be posting any more of this fiasco here, it is taking its toll on me both mentally and physically. Lavinia-TN

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

home again

Back, tired and half unpacked. Am learning to keep double the quilt room in both places - saves lots of hassle. Two seasons of clothes do me in - for both of us. They dryer (I'm thankful not much has to be ironed!) runs full time for the first few days getting the wrinkles out.

The quilts are up. That is one of my first jobs. Doesn't look like home until then. Today was grocery day. A full cart to make up for an empty freezer. Still have the Costco run...

We are getting a bit of rain. Am off to pick up DGD at the dorm and make a Starbucks run to celebrate her last final. DSiL arrives after midnight and will move her home tomorrow. Wish we got to see more of her!


Reading a Comment Under Lavinia's Original Posting

If you scroll down this page to Lavinia's original posting about her troubles (subject line was "Mountain Quiltfest Pigeon Forge") you will see that there are now 9 comments under Lavinia's posting. BBers might find the ninth comment (apparently from someone at the Pigeon Forge office) interesting reading. I choked on my beverage when I saw this person's "administrative error" statement.

Talk about a bureaucratic bit of nonsense .... how can anyone possibly mail out a letter saying "Hello, you didn't win third prize, you tied for second prize" and then later claim it was an "administrative error"? Are there malicious pranksters running loose at Pigeon Forge?


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pigeon Forge P.S.

I just found the copy of my entry form that came back with the letter and check. On the top it says in handwriting: "Quilt for Hire, B-33, 2nd. $250. Need I say more? Lavinia-TN

A Link For Terter

I went to the site of the Pigeon Forge show and found an excellent photo of Lavinia's quilt (even if it does have the third place ribbon on it) so this is for you, terter. There are two ways to view her quilt: copy and paste this short URL


and then scroll down more than half way through the page to "Quilts for Hire" (or some such category) and look for the pretty pastel one with Lavinia's name under it.

Or you can copy and paste this larger one


and go directly to her huge jpg (which will take a while to load) but you can see every detail of this lovely quilt including every detail of the pretty third place ribbon.

No matter how you get there, it is a very pretty quilt and well worth a collection of fine ribbons. Hang in there. Lavinia!!


Continuing saga of Pigeon Forge (LONG, scroll by if not interested)

I wrote a nice letter with the help of a friend. Here is the letter:

124 Treadway Drive
Johnson City, TN 37601
April 28, 2007

Attn: Lana M. Bowes, Events Coordinator
City of Pigeon Forge
P.O. Box 1390
Pigeon Forge, TN 37868-1390

Re: A Mountain Quiltfest 2007

Ms. Bowes:

On March 19th you wrote advising me my quilt, Appalachian Spring~To God be the Glory, had tied for second place in the Quilted for Hire Category, rather than having won 3rd place as the ribbon attached to it represented. I called you and asked if you would replace the white ribbon with a red one – your response was that you would order a red ribbon and “it may take a while to get it,” and I should send the white one back. After some delay trying to find a proper mailing packet, I returned the white 3rd place ribbon on April 19th. You called me upon its receipt and indicated you were mailing the red ribbon that day.

Clearly my point was well taken, since a red ribbon was sent to represent the tied-for-second-place position awarded to my quilt. The ribbon received, however, was satisfactory only in that it was red. It was obviously not for the Pigeon Forge Mountain Quiltfest, but said “Your All American Getaway, Action Packed Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.” To add injury to insult, it is obviously soiled.

The Quiltfest ribbons are things of beauty and something both Pigeon Forge and the recipients can be proud of. Quiltfest has been held in such high esteem for so long that I was shocked and disappointed to receive this. I had been looking forward to sharing my accomplishment with my guild, family and friends, but this ribbon certainly tells a much different story. I would be ashamed to admit I showed in a place that would award this ribbon in recognition of any quality quilt.

I trust you will give this your personal attention; if it is beyond the scope of your authority, please send me the contact information for the appropriate person.


Lavinia Milligan Sala

Cc: Piecemakers Quilt Guild
Sevier Valley Quilt Guild

----------------------------- RESULT-------------------------------------
A different lady from Special Events called this morning. She stated there had been a misunderstanding and a mistake and that I really got third place, and that another person had tied for second place. I said "I got a letter saying I tied for second." She said the accounting department had to say that to justify sending me the second place money, and that the accounting department had made a mistake in my number (33) and another number (23), reiterating that I really won third place, but they "bumped up" my check.The check did not come from the City of Pigeon Forge, by the way, but from a private corporation. She ended by saying I had my choice between accepting the white ribbon or having a red one made, but that would take a while. I told her the letter they sent already said that. Told her I'd call her back. Had my husband call (after some discussion) and say I would accept the white one, she said she would mail it but that they did offer to make me a red one. OK, fine, till I went to their web site. They have now changed their web site. Before it showed me as tied for second. Now it shows two other ladies tied for second and me back in third, and they have removed the original picture of the quilt I tied with and simply typed in the names of the two people who tied. The name they have added as tied for second instead of me happens to be the coordinator between the two quilt guilds and the city. Needless to say that set me off, and I called back and told her I changed my mind and would like to have the red one made. She said fine, we will mail you one. I said I would appreciate that. End of story (for the moment). Sorry, folks, but the City of Pigeon Forge has now lost all credibility with me after they concocted the above story. Lavinia-TN

The British "Explosion of Colour" Challenge Rules

The prize for winning the "Explosion of Colour" Challenge is fifty fat quarters of Makower fabric and a year's subscription to a delightful British quilting magazine. It might be rather costly to win this prize .... :-) But then perhaps you'll get a pretty ribbon to hang on your wall.

The cost of entering the challenge is going to be an entry fee of about $16.00 (depending on exchange rate the day your Visa card is charged) plus your Airmail shipping cost to send a small quilt overseas. Plus, if you go nuts over the idea, you could enter the Challenge eight times!!!

Got the entry forms in the mail and you could enter this contest with eight different small quilts at different locations on four dates in 2007 and four more dates in 2008. There are two final "shows" where the grand prize of 50 FQs are awarded. This is apparently a sort of elimination type of challenge. If your quilt does not win at the show you send it to it is sent home immediately. (That's what the entry fee is used for, return postage.)

I called and spoke to a woman this morning and I think I have the facts straight. I have already heard from two BBers who want me to mail them entry forms .... send me an email at jacknox at earthlink dot net if you want me to send an entry form to you.


Monday, April 30, 2007


I went to the bottom of this bb and no pictures showed up? am I in the right place? lol Never I'm always lost

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Terter - there's a picture of my quilt on the chat page - have to scroll down a ways. Lavinia