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Saturday, December 15, 2007

My quilting guild, Issaquah Quilters, makes 2 quilts a year. A summer
quilt and a Christmas quilt. For each hour you work on the quilt -
making blocks or piecing the top or basting or hand quilting etc- your
name goes into the hat and a winner is drawn. This year I won the
Christmas quilt! I am SO HAPPY! What a dream come true. I thought
it is worth sharing.
Hugs, Irene in Kirkland, WA

Friday, December 14, 2007


I have been watching where some of us posting are from and I am intrigued by the # who mention a Wisconsin connection. I am in the southeastern corner of WI, but a little northwest of Milwaukee, in the county of Washington. Anyone nearby? I've had the fun of meeting Lonna from the QFM site, now we just have to try a longer visit.

As for Christmas, I am still working on the Pug quilt I promised my sister in 2003. Does that clue you in as to where I stand? LOL! Any excuse to procrastinate....like blogging!


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Checking In

I haven't visited the BB in a long time, but checked in tonight and saw this topic. I enjoyed reading all the names from the past and they brought back memories of collecting squares for our Y2K quilts. Remember that project?! I am still quilting away here in SE Wisconsin although I had hit a dry spell for awhile. The biggest news in my life is the recent passing of the mother of my grandtwins, 2 days before Thanksgiving. Although Dusti and my son were never married and did not get along all that well, I loved her like a daughter. My son is a Marine Reservist and was in California training for his second deployment to Iraq. Now my son and the twins (they're 7) have moved in with me. I find myself getting into my sewing room more and more these days and am finding a lot of peace and comfort in quilting. My granddaughter has had her own space in my sewing room for a couple of years and now she joins me whenever I am quilting. I bought her a Janome Hello Kitty sewing machine last year and it is going to get a lot of use now.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Old poster checking in...

... Diane from Wisconsin. I still read every so often, though between work and other things I run out of time to post. Besides, by the time I figure out what I want to respond to, there are another fifteen posts to read!

The last two years have been a stash-depleting adventure. The object is to finish up anything that is partway done, complete the projects that are designed and have materials purchased, do a few scrap quilts to cut down on the stash...you get the picture. So far, so good. There are about four largish quilts currently in the "to be quilted" pile - I piece in the summer, quilt in the other three seasons. Three of those quilts are actually for me (a rarity!).


Well, yes and no.
I gave up trying to make "quilty" gifts for people for Christmas. Between the babies, "warmy things" and assorted other gifts, they have to be finished by Nov. 1st. My rule a la Fly Lady. When asked after that I say "NO", I'm too busy. This has helped my state of mind so much in the last 2 or 3 years.
I stay out of my favorite quilt shop(s) during the month of December so I won't go crazy and sign up for something that I don't have any time to finish, and put pressure on myself.
As for other things--I hope to enjoy doing some baking maybe Tues. or Wed. of next week. The schools will be out for Christmas vacation, so my DGS #2 wants to bake something with me.
DSIL's family is Italian, so they want to have the whole clan over to their house for Christmas day. There is much noise, 7 grands, several dogs, etc., however it is not at my house, for which I am grateful. I don't have to polish silver, get out the good dishes, or anything like that. (when I want to do that later in the year, I just do it!) This takes all the pressure off me.
We do bring a ham, or veggies, or desert, or whatever is assigned to us. And a token gift. In years past I have made them, but now that we know them better it is something simple, like some special teas.
Since DH's surgery was yesterday, he isn't doing much, nor is he expected to. We did promise the grands that we would build them a tree house for their Christmas present, but since we live only 15 min. away, this can be done in January. DH had the idea to have them paint it a camo-type color, whatever they want, so they can be involved with it. We might tie a red ribbon on a piece of wood to have it under their tree.
There is no snow to blow or shovel here. The leaves on the Laurel Oak are constantly falling. This makes a big mess in the front yard, but it will be like that for another month or two. I gave up raking, just suck them up with the bag on the lawn mower, or ask the oldest grandson to do it, and give him a few $$.
Other than a belt to buy for my brother and get it in the mail, just enjoying the Chrismas music.
Tomorrow night is the kids Christmas party at church. The volunteers who work with them are wonderful. This year we are having a big dinner given to us by a couple who enjoy cooking for a crowd. It will be pork loin with some type of mustard glaze, etc. We just make a donation for the food, maybe $6.00 or so per person.
So, am I ready for the holidays? Other than buy some special items of food, yes. But we have to go grocery shopping anyway don't we?
Sara in Florida, where it is 80 again today.
The A/C is on.

Checking in

Hi from snowy Northern Ontario. I read the BB every day, although I don't post often any more. I haven't had much time to sew, but someday.....I like the new format; it's so nice not to have spam or flaming. I do miss the "missing", but I can't complain since I don't post either! LOL Happy holidays to all.
Brenda in Nn Ontario

Monday, December 10, 2007

Am I Ready for the Holidays???? she asks....

ROFLOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHEHEHEHEhehehehehehehhahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. In one word. No. ROFLOL. I'm laughing my fool head off over that question. LOL

Oooopps!! Sorry!! My self-control gave way! Rolled across the kitchen floor three times before I came to a stop. Lest any of you think I am laughing (as in poking fun) at Judy in Ohio's question, I'll spell out my sad answer in a much more controlled manner -- "No, I haven't purchased a single gift. Haven't made any home-made ones, either!!!! I am totally unprepared!"

And, since my hysteria may have deflected anyone else from answering...the question still stands, how are all the rest of you doing in your preparations for Christmas?? I would especially like to see some insightful gift ideas - home-made or otherwise!


Aha! She's Been Watching!

Earlier this month I wrote "The other, in Florida, has lost interest in this group and moved on to other quilting and sewing interests that she finds less stressful (I guess)". Today I got an email that let me know that I was wrong, wrong, wrong. LOL This person's life is certainly not less busy as she is younger than I and thrives on doing too much and she claims she is going to re-join the BB so she can enjoy quilting talk with no deadline pressures.

I happen to be "allergic" to deadlines and so I organize my life to get things done way ahead of time ... I have been that way since I was a youngster with homework in elementary school. (I think some folks are just born that way.) How do you feel about deadline pressures? Are you ready for the holidays?

Judy in Ohio

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Checking In

Haven't posted in a while, I have been subbing at the local daycare ALOT due to staff absences from illness and one person who left for a new job. Have also been quilting for Operation Snuggles(we make quilts for fallen veterans of Iraq/Afganistan and their families) on my Megaquilter.

Did have some sad news though, a good quilting friend passed away right before Thanksgiving and now I have her memorial service on Tuesday. Myrna was 70 years young and had more energy then I have at any time...

In terms of a fast Christmas gift/project, try the new Waffle Time tablerunner/placemats pattern from Atkinson Designs--I got a whole runner done in 6 1/2 hours! It is also a great way to showcase those fabrics you hate to cut up.


OK, I'll check in, too

I made a whole bunch of those sets of coasters a couple of years ago when we had a family Christmas gathering. They take next to no time to make and tey were well received. I actually have one in a couple of really wild fabrics that sits right next to the computer so the coffee has somewhere to sit while I'm checking in on all of you.

Kathi in Idaho

postcards from the edge

I just took a class on making postcards. The teacher had been in a postcard exchange and had postcards from all over the world, including New Zealand. It was fun to check out the different designs she'd received. One thing the teacher mentioned that wasn't on the website mentioned below, was that you need to get the post cards hand-canceled. And the post ofc (in their infinite wisdumb) now charges 17 cents for that service. Plus you have to pay first-class postage, instead of the postcard rate.

The teacher also recommended writing your message and addressing the back of the postcard before you fuse it and edge your decorated masterpiece. That way, if you make a misteak in the message, you won't ruin the whole thang. Unless you fuse another opaque-fabric message over the top of the mistake.

After the postal clerk hand cancels the post card you can protect the whole thang by inserting it in a clear plastic sleeve, similar to what philatilists (sp?) use to protect their collectible stamped postcards. Personally, I think it's simpler to just make the design and insert it in a card that's made for framing a photo, then ship it in an envelope.

SeamSTRESS Sally