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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dust Bunnies

Sara's mention of thread nests reminded me that it is time to clean the dust bunnies that collect in the bobbin area of my sewing machine. My machine is a Singer 403 from the 1960s which means it is entirely mechanical...no computer components. In fact all of my machines are 1960s or older. Nary a new machine in the house. That means that I can take them apart, clean and oil, and have them up and running again within a half hour.

In the case of dust bunnies...there really is no preventative. I've tried cheap threads and expensive threads. All accumulate lint in the bobbin area to one degree or another. I notice that especially when I am machine quilting for the needle is punching down through two layers of fabric as well as a cotton batt and you know that every time it takes a downward punch, it drags along with it minute quantities of lint.

I generally like to check for lint every time I change the bobbin but I will admit there are many times when I am too lazy and think "next time".

So tonight I'm showing you how I clean out that lint. A small artist's brush will "catch" the lint and drag it out of the nooks and crannies of the machine's innards. Once I have it as clean as the brush will get it, I'll sometimes take a can of pressurized air and give it a squirt. I probably wouldn't do that if I had a newer machine that has areas that I myself cannot access...tiny bits of lint might not be healthy to the computerized gizmos, for instance.

Ooops! Gotta go. Have my machine clean. Have a new bobbin in. And I'm ready to make another log cabin block.

Thread nests/ a good cleaning?

I don't know if I'm the only one in the world with the thread nest plague or not, but it seems to come up in the Bernina every year. I'm planing to give it a good cleaning in a min. but if anyone has suggestions I'd welcome knowing how to avoid this in the future.
I know I should take it "in" to have it cleaned, but the good person is about 45 min. away and I just don't want to go there on a Saturday.
It started with the decorative stitches, I changed the needle, put in other "good" thread, etc.
Next I'm going to take it all apart and clean it.
So much for national quilting day for me. It's more like national frustration day.
So--I went to a new garden shop and looked around a bit. Nice things! I didn't buy, but want to do another butterfly garden, this time in the front yard.
Hope all have a peaceful weekend free of thread nests.
Sara in Fla.


Although I'm sure it started with you guys in the US, National Quilting Day has gone International. Before I moved, I went to a number of events in the UK for IQD - they were great and well-subscribed. You can rely on quilters for good atmosphere, good planning and good cake!

Our quilt group in France organised a group quilt sew-in last year and invited people to join us for coffee and cake, and to try their hand at making a block. We were inundated with people (in fact, rather more than we had planned for). We finished the quilt afterwards and raffled it to raise funds for a charity and our group.

The on-line quilt group I belong to (it's a Yahoo group called BQL) is running a great bag challenge. A pattern a month and you have to post a photo of your finished bag before you can access the pattern for the next one. There's a bonus pattern just published, so I'll spend IQD making that, I think.

Sue in France

Friday, March 14, 2008

Well, I'm hoping....

I'm happy to hear about National Quilting Day...perhaps I'll get some quilting done. This past week has been a no-sewing week. Too many irons in the fire. And on top of that, I've spent the entire day doing taxes. Eeewww!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

National Quilting Day

Thanks Judy, I didn't realize there was such a day. Guess it's a day when we don't need an excuse or reason to quilt. I am spending Sat. at our monthly work day of Project Linus doing marathan quilting, making afghans or attaching labels. Our group supplies quilts for Children's Hosp. is both St. Paul and Minneapolis, a small suburban hospital and a large homeless shelter. On the Natl. Make a Blanket Day between what we made and what was dropped off by other quilters the total was over 200 quilts. Every once in awhile I talk my eldest granddaughter (12 yrs. old) to come with us and she enjoys knowing she is helping others.
No matter what you do - enjoy the day, Phyllis in Minnesota who thinks spring is finally coming. We had 49 degrees yesterday!

Ricky Tims on CBS

From the Road to California coordinator:

Ricky Tims has announced that quilting is to be profiled on National TV. The CBS News Sunday Morning program with Charles Osgood will be featuring a segment on quilting tentatively scheduled for Sunday, March 16, 2008. There is always the possibility of a CBS schedule change so be sure to check your local listings for exact air times.

A portion of the story will focus on Ricky, his quilting and his music. We urge everyone to immediately send e-mails to guild members, friends and family and use any other means possible to spread the word about this upcoming program.

Some footage was shot in one of our vendor's booth in Houston, Custom Creations from La Verne. Cindy said they never took a "shot" of her face, just her hands, the cash register and the fabric packets she was selling. She does not know if they will use that footage or if she will end up on the cutting room floor.

Many of these profiles are also posted on the CBS News website after the show airs in the U.S.

March 15th Will Be National Quilting Day ...

Okay, BBers, time to put a new blade in your rotary cutter, oil your machine and get ready to do something creative to celebrate National Quilting Day on Saturday, March 15th. Don't say I didn't give you enough time to prepare for this annual celebration.

I think I might spend a few minutes tidying up my stash .... what are your plans?

Judy in Ohio

Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm a winner this winter

Go here to see what I just won. If you're buried in snow you will enjoy the trip.
It was my first visit but I'll go back again.