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Friday, February 26, 2010


So sorry, that should be "such as".
Sara who didn't proof read.

My question

First-Judy, your New York beautie is wonderful. I've often wondered about the Hoffman Challenge, but never got up the nerve to enter it.
OK-I've been making a vew quilts for the Quilts of Valor program over the last few years. Mostly easy, quick, suck as chinese coin or just strips. All have been red, white and blue.
Now our guild wants to make some to give as a group thing.
What would be quick and easy? A simple 9 patch? Something more involved?
These will go to the wounded men and women who are air lifted to Germany, then come back to the US. I'm at a loss for something that would keep my interest, but also be easy.
--Judy--I think the board has been 'down" for 5 days or so, but people must be quilting or watching the olympics.
Sara in Fla.

Very Scrappy New York Beauty Wallhanging

It has been two weeks since any postings on the BB so I'll jump in and show you what I've been working on just to see if anyone is still reading our BB. Once I have sandwiched and quilted this top it will be my entry for the 2010 Hoffman Challenge.

The strip of light aqua print you see on the far right edge of the photo is the HC theme fabric for this year ... it is called "Treasures of the East". I'm calling my entry "Buried Treasure" because there are nine pieces of the Challenge fabric mixed in with 171 other fabrics to create this 37" x 37" wall hanging. The pattern is Karen K. Stone's "Lady Liberty Goes to Hawaii", copyright 1996, before Karen started making her really fancy paper piecing patterns. I reduced the size of Karen's patterns on a copy machine to meet the size requirements for the Hoffman Challenge which made piecing the arcs a bit of a headache. I'm going to use gold metallic thread for quilting this thing once I figure out how to quilt it.

Any suggestions on how to quilt it would be very welcome .... if there are still any BBers reading our Bulletin Board, that is. Should I use an overall design or focus on each segment of the arc patterns?

Judy in Ohio