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Saturday, September 29, 2007


My son has been using this product for several months and has developed a sinus infection. This product has been discussed here before but I'm wondering if you might have some input into Fabreeze. I've suggested that he not use it any more.

Guild Web Sites

I have enjoyed the photos of your raffel quilts. My guild is doing a show in Oct of 2008 and our raffel quilt is being quilted now. We should be getting a photo and raffels to sell soon. We have a web page, but the photo is not up yet.
My question is about your web sites. Who maintains them? Do you pay for the site or is it free? Who is responsible for the updating of the site? A guild member or a web company?

I know my work web site is done by an outside web master and we have to contact them for changes to be made. We would love to be able to do it our self. We pay dearly for it to be up and running.

The guild site is free and when you go on it, there is all kinds of pop-ups and it gets very annoying. No one is updating it on a regular basis and it still tells of the quilt show we did 5 years ago and nothing about the new quilt show.

I was just wonder how other guilds are doing such lovely web pages with news letters and photos etc. How does your guild afford it?

Donna, LEH,NJ

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quilt guild

Wow, that's a gorgeous raffle quilt! Ours is a bit more plain, but can be seen at our brand new web site, which is still under construction. The url is:


Pat in Rockport, TX, who's trying to get a quilt top put together and quilted in time for our show in January.

Guild Meeting and Raffle Qullt

I looked at the rest of your Guild's webpage and it looks like a lively group, one I'd love to visit. But being quite a distance away, it's unlikely to happen anytime soon. Thanks for sharing your raffle quilt picture; I'd love to see more from other guilds. And be able to read through their webpages also. It's fun to see what other guilds are doing.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Guild meeting


If it's improper to post a message like this please let me know, but we had our first guild meeting of the season last night and I got to see the raffle quilt all finished. It's outstanding and you can see it at this address. Just wanted to share it with you. It was nice to greet all the quilters again after the long summer.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hello, Irene, There's More Than Quilting in the Prize!

Irene, the judges saw exquisite use of color, precise piecing and other delights in your two quilts so please don't think that the second ribbons are just because you gave your machine quilter something ho-hum to show her skills on. It's not like she quilted on cheater quilt fabrics from Wal-mart.

The two of you dance very well together .... may you have more successful teamwork in the future and move on to bigger and better shows. (Pssst ... ever hear of that annual show in Houston, Texas?)

The cat is out of the bag Judy. Thanks for asking.
Innovations is a machine quilting symposium. Lots of classes and vendors and the quilt show. You can see more at http://www.mqinnovations.com/
All the quilts must be machine quilted, long arm, mid arm or domestic machine. The judging is 99% for the quilting, LOL.
My quilts were all professionally quilted by a young woman just starting out. Actually I was her first customer.
She did such an incredible job on my first quilt that I immediately collected a bunch of tops that had been waiting for eons and took them over to her.
I have given most of the quilts away but these 2 I kept for this show to give her some exposure.
The reason for the 2 ribbons is that there is one for the owner and one for the quilter. Sigh - the kudos must go to Krista, my quilter.
Hugs, Irene in Kirkland, WA

Irene, We Want Details

Irene, congratulations on the ribbons for your lovely quilts! You are a very skilled quilter and thank you for sharing your photos with us. Once you come back down to earth please share details about the show, your quilts and the ribbons. Was this a guild show? How long did you work on your quilts? Hand quilting or machine quilting? Why two ribbons on each quilt? Details, please, details! Inquiring minds want to know more. (Or as Seamstress Sally might put it, "Perspiring minds want to know more!")

Please make another posting and brag away .... we are all ready to enjoy your success with you.



Beautiful quilts Irene. Your prizes were well deserved.

Congratulations Irene!

Congratulations, Irene! Lovely quilts! Lavinia-TN
Just got home from Innovations Quilt show and discovered I have not one but two winning quilts. I am just walking on air. I have never won before. Hope the pictures come out.
Hugs, Irene in Kirkland, WA

May I brag?