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Saturday, January 19, 2008

West Michigan checking in

Very cold here in West MI. Right now it is 3 above zero. With even colder
wind chills. We've been out a couple of times today. This morning I needed
to go to the next town ( 6 miles away) for a new mixer. Mine bit the dust
and I need one so I could mix up a couple of cakes to take to my Sister's.
She is having a family get together tomorrow. I also made a veggie pizza.
Took the cakes and a couple of folding chairs up to her this afternoon.
I've quilted 4 baby quilts this week and have the 5th on Grace ready to go.
I've been laying things aside I want to take to VA with me on Wed. I'm
going down to spend a week with my niece.
Jane, I hope your surgery goes well. I'm sure Shadow will be just fine.
Hugs, Mayme


Thanks for your good wishes. I anticipate a better experience and outcome for a lot of reasons I won't bore you with.

If you really loved me you wouldn't tell us about cleaning up your sewing room. You know, of course, you've now made the rest of us feel like slobs and our self esteem has been damaged thereby.

Actually, my room is so bad that a clean up is quite necessary if I ever expect to use it again so as soon as Greg's quilt gets in the mail (with luck by Tuesday after the holiday Monday and as soon as I am reasonably ambulatory, that's my next project. Then I want to finish the wall hanging I had hoped to have in the last show in '06. I should have gotten that Grace frame set up before going to the hospital but I didn't. I need help with the last couple of steps and the use of a Y chromosome.

Jane in slushy NC

Monday, January 14, 2008

cleaning out the mess

Today I decided that I was tired to trying to find "stuff", pins, quilt binding, etc. and spent 30 min. cleaning out the drawers in the sewing room. I haven't flung too much, about 20 little scraps, and about 2 yards of old, old, pink fabric. Already it looks better. I bought some $1.57 plastic bins and put all the little FT qts. by color, and decorative threads in some. I'll have to get get about 3 or 4 more, and fling some more tomorrow.
It feels good!
I have some soapmaking things that are going to Goodwill or somewhere other than my house. So far I have a small box in the back of the car with odds and ends in it.
By Friday it should be full and I can make a run to the charity.
I finished making a purse for a lady friend at church, and will deliver it to her tomorrow.
Other than that, not an interesting day.
Sara in Fla. where our team lost.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

West Michigan checking in

Thank you Jane. All the circles were on a panel. I cut squares
and then just pieced blocks. Very gray and overcast here today.
My DD#2's 40th surprise BD party yesterday was a great success.
Finished the binding on the 4th baby quilt this afternoon.
Hugs, Mayme


That's a great cabin quilt. Did you piece the circles and the surroundings or did you reverse applique them behind the background? Come to think of it, the third alternative is simply to applique by hand or machine the circles onto the background.

Hmm, is it possible to applique onto the back of the background? Interesting linguistic question.

Jane in NC