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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wool batting use?

So, who has used wool batting and liked it? I am thinking about using it for the twin bed size quilt that I'm working on. It will be for the 10 yr. old DGS in No. Dakota. It needs to hold up well when washed, however. So I want your opinions.
Sara in Fl.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Projects

Judy I love your quilt. I will enjoy looking at it every day for inspiration.
When the question was posted by Sarah I was just finishing up my post Easter linen washing. I saw the kits for the two lap quilts and I pre-washed them too. One thing led to another and I finished 3 quilt tops. The first pattern is Fire Escape by Terry Atkinson.
The next is Charming Log Cabin by Gina Halladay of Threaded Pear Studio.

Next I needed a wedding gift just as AP&Q Quilt Sampler appeared on the newsstands. The pattern was featured by The Wild Rose Quilt Shop & Retreat in Orting, Washington. I loved their fabric grouping but thought, "Hey, I have some paisley I love already." and started pulling from the stash. Yay for stash depletion!

Even if I don't get around to anything else this summer I am happy with these results.