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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Magazine Subscriptions

Most magazines show your expiration date (well, not yours, but the magazine's!) on the mailing label. I get renewal notices all the time from magazines I take - it doesn't matter if they're near expiration date or not. So check your mailing label before you renew - usually I wait till they're really really desperate just before my last issue and sometimes you'll get a better deal. NancyH

Friday, May 28, 2010

magazine subscriptions

Jane, I'll be willing to bet that offer didn't even come from Quiltmaker. There is a company in Nevada that is sending those out for all sorts of sewing magazines. I got one of those, just like that, for THREADS magazine. I almost filled it out, then stopped and remembered my subscripiton to THREADS wasn't up for a couple years. THREADS even had something on their web site about these scam artists, telling us that they are not authorized representatives of the magazine.

Copy and paste this web site address (below), from THREADS magazine/Taunton Press, into your browser. You can read their 'Subscriber alert', and you'll probably see the return address of the company that sent you that subscription form:



To anyone who subscribes to Quiltmaker magazine take note. As I went through my bills to pay file today I had one in there from some contractor in Nevada telling me that I could renew for two years. I wanted to renew for just one year as I don't buy green bananas at my age. The form just let me make a partial payment of something around $30 and another payment would be due in a month. I finally called and got a recorded message that reeled off the terms of this deal and that I could still pay my subscription to the magazine whenever it comes due and to check the mailing label for the expiration date of my current subscription. Duh. When I checked it I discovered that my subscription doesn't expire until March/April 2012! Those crooks. I must have just paid for two years a couple of months ago. Be on the lookout. I get several quilt magazines and lose track so generally respond when they send me notice that I'm about to expire. That's just it. I sure as heck don't intend to renew for four years. I might expire myself before that. One less bill to pay.


Thursday, May 27, 2010


Thanks for the advice. I'd have never thought the green of the plastic bottles showing through on white. I use a lot of white and light colors in my quilting.
Since I still have a good stash of the warm and white I'll continue to use it.
I have tried the wool batting once. Since I only did the stitch in the ditch by machine, and the people I gave it to were in Russia, I didn't worry about shrinking. I was told that in this area they still wash things out by hand, in the bathtub or other large tub.
Thanks again.
Sara in Fla.

Monday, May 24, 2010

new kinds of batting

I received my Hancock's of Paducah catalogue last week. Spent last night looking through all the yummy fabrics.
My question is--have any of you used the newer Bamboo blend, the blend made out of used plastic bottles? If so how do you like it?
My favorite batting has been the Warm & White, but I'm open to new things.
I'm taking a big load of clothes to Goodwill this morning, after cleaning out the drawers. Trying to get to the summer cool clothing.
Sara in Fla.