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Friday, March 28, 2008

alex anderson

and speaking of alex anderson, this was in my e-mail box this morning:

Silver Star Award

The International Quilt Festival has announced that the recipient of the 2008 Silver Star Award is Alex Anderson of Livermore, Calif. The award is given annually to living persons who have made a lasting and positive impact on the field of quilting and textile art over the span of their careers.

dutchrose ---{-@

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Alex Anderson's Postage Stamp Basket block

Isn't this Postage Stamp Basket a cool pattern? The finished basket block is 4.5 inches square.

Several years ago I watched Alex Anderson demonstrate this block on Simply Quilts. I loved the block and years ago I made a small quilt using her pattern.

Yesterday I wanted to see how this plaid fabric would look as a basket. Wouldn't it be cool to have a Plaid Basket Quilt? Blue plaids! Red plaids! Black and green plaids!

You can find the instructions by Alex at this site (you may have to copy and paste).




Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thanks to all

Thanks to all who have given me Web sites and comments about the thread nests. My Bernina is curently in the shop getting looked at.
We will be going to Daytona on Sunday afternoon and staying for a week. There are some shelves to put up, and I'm going to stich on the spring quilt I'm cutting out. We will try to get in some kayaking and biking also.
DH has his thyroid surgery on April 8th, Tuesday, so this is a "fling" before surgery.
There is a quilt shop close to there, so I'll hit it and and look around while I'm there.
I've been down with tha alergies and having dental work done. Ouch!
One crown done, one to go. I'm having some chili and an "adult beverage" tonight for supper.
Anyone watching American Idol? Last night was good.
Sara in Florida

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hope someone has a suggestion for this. I know I've read about different types of thimbles for those of us who prefer to hand quilt, but can't recall which ones were preferred. I'm working on my third quilt since Christmas with two more to go and my fingers are taking a real beating. Is there some sort of thimble that REALLY works and is thin enough not to be cumbersome? You can reach me at bgspain@hotmail.com Thanks for any help.
Ginny-still in FL

Thread Nests

I googled "thread nests' and came up with this...

That person suggested that (on a Bernette 340) when threading the top thread, be sure to thread with the pressure foot up. Threading with the pressure foot down can cause the nests. Try this. Let me know if that helps.


New Machine

Hi, Sara. My experience with a "new" sewing machine was with a Husqvarna (sp?) dealer about ten years ago. Up till then my machines were older ones and I thought that if I were going to be doing so much quilting, I may as well invest in a new machine. I suppose I didn't want to invest ENOUGH. I informed my Husky dealer that I wanted a simple machine, a few ZZ stitches, but no computerized bells and whistles. She kept wanting to sell me a $2000 machine (sorry, I'm not going there). She eventually sold me one of their bottom line (bottom line being around $250 at that time) and assured me that it was a GREAT machine. It was loud and growly. It sewed no better than my old Singers. And I hated it. The dealer was willing to allow me my purchase price towards a trade-in. No, thank you. I eventually sold it to a friend for pennies on the dollar.

I'm including a photo of my vintage Husqvarna (then known as a Viking) in the basement that does wonderful ZZ stitches. I picked it up at a yard sale for $40. I knew by its age that it was built when machines were well-built. I'm not crazy about the bobbin mechanism but it sews beautifully. The tension on the decorative stitches is lovely.

I'm also including a photo of my Singer 403 which is my main ZZ machine. As Linda the Serial Quilter (that ominous name again!!! LOL) mentioned previously, the 403 is a GREAT machine. I've been sewing with this baby for about twelve years and have made tons of quilts with it.

Linda is correct in saying that there are lots of excellent vintage machines out there for inexpensive prices. With the manual, you can easily clean and oil these machines and keep them running forever. The newer machines are more difficult to access the innards, hence the need to take them to a dealer for regular maintenance.

Now...for your thread nest problem. What exactly is happening? Are you changing needles every now and then? A dull needle with a burr on the tip (from snagging the needle on the metal face plate for instance) can cause problems. So can putting a new needle in backwards.

Sewing Machines

Hi Sara, I have three machines, all Janomes. They are work horses. I have had my first one for nine years and only been in the shop once. Very rarely does any one have a problem with them. But let me say your dealer is also very important. Another good reliable machine is a Viking Husquvara. A friend of mine had a Bernia and it gave her nothing but trouble. But then again, I suppose you can get a "lemon " in what ever you buy. Good Luck in your search. Marge

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sewing machine questions

I need your advice. As I have stated in the past, my Bernina has been giving me trouble, thread nests, etc.
I'm giving serious thought to selling the baby and getting something else.
I've discovered that the machine is only as good as the repair/dealer. There are two Bernina dealers in this area, and I don't like either one.
Would you suggest I go to the local dealers and see what they have, or pick out a type and then find a dealer to match it?
I don't need all the latest bells and whistles, just a few decorative stitches, and the basics.
I'm open to suggestions.
Sara in Fla.