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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thanks for help==TripX2

Thanks for your answer about how to join the blocks. I couldn't imagine trying to sew block to block all the squares of the outer edges. I did get that you pin, then sew, then trim. Makes sense. So each block appears to be made up of squares, but when completed, the outer row looks like it's made of triangles. Right?

No, I'm not making this quilt, but have seen pictures and always admired them. But didn't "get" how to join blocks. Could just see laying out something like 150 squares in a diagonal row for the center and then "building'' like puzzle pieces all over the floor, and then trying to sew together in proper order! With your instructions for joining blocks, I might be able to handle it.

Have done several Trip Around the World Q's with 3 or 4" blocks, set straight. Then last winter made one with 1 1/2" (finished) squares, set on point. Pastel to med. colors. It's a whole different appearance with small squares, set like "diamonds" as opposed to big squares, straight.


I'm back

I meant "trim" not trip.

The seams are sewn straight, not zigzag.

I'm back

I meant trim, not trip.

To add another thought - It's a straight seam, not zigzag.

Joining the Trip X Two

I haven't got to the point of joining the blocks yet but it says not to trip the points until after you have joined them. If you set them on point you have to make the half block to fill in the edges but if you join them in a line you just march along.
When in doubt, baste or pin. They should work out OK. She keeps saying not to press yet! I like that.

Joining Blocks TripX2

This will be easy for those "in the know" but I haven't figured how the blocks are joined for the TripX2 quilt. By hand, following the zig-zag of the opposing edges, or cutting off the points and joining in a straight seam?
If it's following the points up & down is it very difficult? Do you join several to make a row of blocks, and then join the rows? Obviously, I'm having difficulties even asking my question, so you'll know this is no doubt way beyond my abilities! Thanks for trying to help. Harriet

1930s Irish Chain

Hi BBers,

I just finished a quilt I made from fabric swatches - all 1930s reproduction prints and I managed to make it almost a charm quilt - only one fabric appears twice and I decided not to rip it out. It is machine pieced and quilted (yes, the feathered wreaths as well), I used Cotton 277 (should be a white Warm & Natural cotton batting in the US). I had to wash it as soon as I had bound it as my oldest cat decided to defend it against the youngest and promptly marked her territory on it :-( so the quilting shrunk a bit. I took photos before and after laundry...

Have a good weekend!
Sue in Germany

Milli's Comment ...

In Milli's most recent posting she wrote " I found the directions after page five very confusing. May be it's me. In any case, I can figure it out."

Sometimes, Milli, I wish there was an editorial committee available to women who want to self-publish what I call pegboard patterns, those patterns you see in plastic baggies on pegboards in quilt shops. Some of the pegboard patterns are put out by the biggie companies and have been "tested" but many are published by individuals who do not have proofreaders or "testers" (other than their sister or cousin or best friend) and so their instructions are less than wonderful.

Just because a person is a clever designer does not mean that the person can write instructions in a clear manner. Beware the pattern with poorly drawn illustrations. Or tiny print crammed on too few pages (in an effort to save printing costs). Sadly, I have bought examples of those by buying patterns online instead of in real quilt shops.

Judy in Ohio

Friday, March 6, 2009

Update -


I had company drop in yesterday and when I went back to my sewing I forgot to shift the needle over for the scan seam. Bummer. I had to do some ripping.

I found the directions after page five very confusing. May be it's me. In any case, I can figure it out.

I now have two more squares and a new run.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Here is the website for the Trip X Two. http://www.hearthsidequiltersnook.com/index.htm. Go to Online Shopping and you will find the pattern as well as lots of other stuff....Joleen in MN

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Taking a break.

Trip X Two Pattern

I was able to find the pattern on the hearthside quiters nook site but not the other. Thanks for the info - it looks like it would be a fun pattern for a class too. Joleen in MN

Trip X 2

Sorry - I tried those links myself and got nowhere. I tried Google but have to stop for now. If you don't have any luck, I'll get back to where I got mine and see where she got hers.

Trip X Two

I bought the pattern from a local teacher. The title is "Trip X Two". Produced by Bigsby's Designs - www.bigsbysewingcenter.com
also - bigsbysewing@sbcglobal.net


For Judy in AR .... Penguin Tree Skirt

Judy, these photos were taken in 2002, before I had a digital camera and so the quality is not the best .... I have now taken digital photos of old Kodak photos to get them on our blog for you.

The pattern is long gone for two reasons .... I did not enjoy fusible applique one bit (frankly it drove me bonkers) so I got rid of the pattern as soon as I was done with it. Besides, I never dreamed I would "meet" anyone who would be interested in it. I do not recall where I got it from but obviously it was sometime in 2000 or 2001 because I recall working a long time to get this beast of a tree skirt constructed. LOL Yes, the one penguin in the first photo has a small set of bagpipes appliqued next to him .... my son is a piper.

Judy in Ohio

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The New Quilt


Here is a link to my progress. Hope it works. After all the work I've done I found I made a mistake. I stopped and will start again when I get my strength back! Only two squares but they are big.

I'm Older Than Some of You And I Am Moving Towards Cleaning Out!

I'm older than some of you (if you think I'm going to reveal my vintageness, you've got another think coming) and due to some recent health issues, I've begun looking at my sewing closet in a different way. I'm thinking more these days of down-sizing. And so when a friend had a recent birthday (perfect excuse!) I sent her this quilt. (Click for a closer view.) This friend has a perfect place to send this penguin inspired quilt that I made in the 1990s from a remnant of penguin fabric found on a sale table. I couldn't believe that I had no photos of the quilt so I took photos before mailing it to her. (The quilt really is square. I pinned it to the drapes rather haphazardly for this photo!)

I named this quilt "Fifth Day" as in Genesis, ch 1, wherein the fish and birds were created. (Did you know that penguins are birds?)

Why did I send off such a cute nap quilt? Because it had sat folded on my closet shelf for over ten years...what a waste. Now it will be used by friend's grandchildren ... and I hope they don't get into a tug of war as to whose turn it is to use it. Why not give it to my own grandchildren? Because I've given them other quilts and I couldn't think of a better home than the one I chose.

Hmmmmm....now, what to do with that lemon-colored quilt that I made about the same year...I have never had a lemon-colored bedroom and this quilt, too, sits unused. LOL

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm off!

When they said it was going to snow for two days, I got a new pattern to play with to keep me from going crazy. I had finished my two major projects that I vowed I would, but got stuck on the backs and was ready for something new.

So - you can suffer with me.

The pattern is Trip Times Two which is a variation on Blanch Youngs method of Trip Around the World. The advantage is that it's made with smaller blocks and is easier to handle. I've made several of the other kind and love the look.

Spent all last evening reading the directions and finally got the picture straight in my head. (I think)

Today I spent hours tearing out fabric from hiding places and have two sets of graduated colors. That should give me four blocks to start with. I'm going to sew them together before I spend another life time picking out more "runs". I took pictures of the fabric and looked at them in black and white (Ithink I picked that hint up on this site) so I have to shift a couple of them around. It's hard to decide but I'm going to go with the pictures.