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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Met a Famous Quilter and We Giggled Together!

I could fill a long page with a rambling story but I'll try to make it brief. Went to a very small quilt show in gallery in Columbus, Ohio. Found a small painting on fabric for sale in the gift shop. This painting was by Susan Shie, a quilter I have long admired for her somewhat obsessive style of covering every square inch of fabric. (Can't say I admire her subjects but her technique fascinates me.) As I was paying for my purchase (and getting ready to leave the gallery) I was startled to see Susan Shie and her husband walking in ... turns out they were on their way home from Susan teaching a class in Tennessee and they stopped by to see the exhibition. I was thrilled at the chance to meet the woman whose art I had just bought and after I introduced my DH to her DH (mine's a woodworker, hers is a leather and woodworker) she and I had about twenty or thirty minutes of chat time together. She was tickled to meet a delighted fan and we both moaned about carpal tunnel problems and such. What a thrill to meet someone I've admired for years!! And I now have my own "St Quilta the Comforter" piece to hang on a wall in my sewing room. But Susan says I must take it out of the plastic frame and quilt it ....

Judy in Ohio

Monday, October 12, 2009


Heads up ladies. My guild's biannual show is to be August 12, 13, 14 2010. We are aiming for 300 quilts which is probably optimistic but we can try. I promised the publicity chair that I would solicit entries from my cyber friends from all over the world. It would really be neat if you Canadians and Dugs were willing to enter something. I will post the entry forms as soon as they are available. A lot of the chairs of committees are a new bunch. I will just show up and be a worker bee this time. One of our board ladies won a ribbon and a beautiful basket of wonderful qulting goodies last time. Was it Mary in OR? Sara entered one as well and even attended. Do any of our European members still lurk? We haven't heard from Stripey Bear in quite a while. Anyway, anyone who is interested please let me know and I'll be sure to send you the appropriate information which will be available soon. The quilt may have been in the works since the dawn of time but finished in 2008 or more recently. It's time to get those UFO finished up. The guild is hoping to raise some serious cash for the top prizes at least but the goody baskets are wonderful.

You can contact me at jbrown1861 at hughes dot net of course substitute the usual at symbols and close the spaces.