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Thursday, October 7, 2010


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

sewing table

I bet if you google sewing table or sewing machine cabinet you will get lots of free plans. I'm sure I have a plan from years ago, but dh never got around to building it. . . . However, when I got my computer sewing machine, he bought the cabinet with it which is a Parsons. It has lots of room to the right that you can fold up if you don't want. I love the desk aspect with drawers down the side. The left side can also be folded down or up. I had him remove the door in front of the drawers. My machine is always open and I want instant access!!

One thing I like is the measuring rule painted or finished right into the wood in front of the machine.

I never equated the drag on the quilt being due to a straight front. I'm always having to lift the quilt up off my lap to feed freely. I, too, have a much easier time with baby quilts, pillows or wall quilts or anything I can stitch in the ditch. Years ago I machine quilted shapes in the blank squares of a huge quilt. I have no idea how I did it, must have been naivity, cuz I sure can't manage it now.

My cabinet has the hydrolic lift for raising and lowering the machine for free arm or not. Love that feature!!!

judy in ar

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quilting Table

You can buy plans to make a quilting table. Keepsake Quilting has them. Type in "sewing table plans" in their search box.

Sewing Table

Kathi I agree that you need lots of space to the left, as well as, behind the sewing machine. I have a Horn cabinet which meets those specs, but wish I had more to the right of the machine head. That is where, by habit, I always put my pins. I also feel if the table had just a bit more clearance in front as well as a rounded edge it would be better. I feel there is drag from the straight edge of the table. I am rarely a happy camper if I am quilting anything larger than a small baby quilt. JMHOs and personal observation.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sewing Table

Do any of you have suggestions for what is "necessary" in a sewing table (both for piecing and MQing)? I'd love to have the Horn Super Quilters Dream, but that is definitely NOT in the budget. The hope is that DH can build or fabricate something similar for me, but I need to get all my requirements in order first.