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Thursday, August 26, 2010

seam ripper?

OK, I'm in the market for a new seam ripper, after breaking the last one enlarging a hole on a clam shell for a necklace for the costumes. Does anyone have the Fonz & Porter egernomic one, or another one they like other than the cheapie from Wal-Mart?
You can see how exciting my life is by this question. I took 3 of the costumes to the play practice to try them on the kids. The indian one is fine, the "Michael" one is fine, the "John" is OK, except the sleeves are too long. The director liked the fabric for the indian one, so will go ahead with 4 more. They are super-quick. 2 shoulder seams, 2 side seams, sleeve seams and fringe. No facing, no hems.
Tomorrow I'll cut more costumes out. Nothing quilty except the notions.
Sara in Fla.