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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Winning Quilts

Hi Ladies,

I just finished viewing the quilts. I liked the River of Life. The swans are beautiful. I would love that one in my house.
There were sure alot more appliqued quilts than there have been in previous years. Or maybe it just seems like it.

Cher in BC

quilts in kentucky

The quilts that I like aren't too fussy or busy when you look at them. Baltimore albums I rate the same way, less is more in my liking of them. Looking at the winners, I only really liked about four of the quilts, I loved the River of Life quilt.
I haven't sewed on the sewing machine lately, don't have the desire. I have a book called "Serendipity" coming and that will get the desire returned again, I am sure. I have been hand quilting on my two colored quilt however. The border is still being worked on.
The chilly weather seems to last longer this year however we did get some raking done. Got the outside wicker washed of the dust that was on them during the winter storage. Now ready to do some sitting outside. On Mother's Day weekend a local nursery has a sale and plan to go for more shade plants. Want to get some herb plants also. Since watching the Food channel, I have been using herbs more but only the dry kind so want to see how the fresh tastes.
Found a different quilt magazine called "Designers' Quarters" and looking at it, I saw that our own Sandi Irish once again is featured in a quilt magazine. She is getting her name out there, congradulations Sandi.
You all enjoy the day and blessing to all. LONNA IN WI

Paducah Winner Photos Are Online

Photos of the winning quilts from the 2007 American Quilter Society show in Paducah, Kentucky are online. You can go to http://www.americanquilter.com/ and there's a vivid blue "Winners" link to click on where you'll be presented with a long list for your clicking pleasure.

The biggie winners did not ring my chimes but then I have never been a fan of serious applique work. If they rang my doorbell and said "We are here to hang the top winning quilts on your living room wall" I would shut the door in their faces. LOL I can appreciate the dedication and weeks of work required to create these quilts that won the prizes but that doesn't mean I personally would give them a ribbon.

The one I would hang in my house doesn't exactly look like a quilt. Go to "Large Wall Quilts" .... then "Pieced" .... and look for the 2nd place winner called "Loose Curves" by Dianne S. Hire. Now that's what I call a clever wallhanging and I would love to make something like that for my home ... but first I would have to buy a sewing machine that does zig-zag stitches. :-)

Anyone else care to tell us what Paducah winner you would hang on a wall in your house?


Fabrications 24" square.

Hello Ladies,
If you all enter the British Quilt Competition, then so long as I am not on vacation, I'll go and see the quilts you have made on show and report back to you. Good Luck.
Beverley in Britain.

Friday, April 27, 2007


I'm so sorry this has happened to you... I do hope it was mis communication and that when you are able, call have have it rectified. Please have them make you an award that is worthy of the effort you put into your quilt etc.

I would love to see a picture.

Getting excited, Marty and Jean will be meeting me in VT in a few weeks. :)

Worked in yard last few days, pulling and getting rid of a Jasmine vine gone wild...very wild.. in a corner of the yard. This yard is way to small to have something gone haywire. lol

off to hug the day

For Jane and Others Re "Explosion of Colour" Challenge in 2008

Okay, BBers, here's a chance to "live dangerously"!! I wrote to the editor about the English quilt show's challenge and here's her reply:

Dear Judy,

Many thanks for your kind comments re: the magazine - makes all the hard
work worth the effort.

Entry form is in the mail to you - and in case you are itching to make a
start - the main rule is the the wallhanging must measure 24" x 24".

Kind regards


When a rule says 24" x 24" that's what it means but otherwise the technique is your choice. Thus if you are the local queen of applique or free motion work or fusing or foundation piecing or a Log Cabin maniac or excell at miniature work just pull out your colorful fabrics (whoops .... colourful fabrics) and create something that measures 24" x 24". How hard can that be?? I'll bet that it does not have to be totally original (you give credit to the source of your idea on your entry form) but it certainly will have to be colourful. And if your favorite color (colour!) is teal or purple or chartreuse well here's the chance to use up some of that part of your stash.

Once I get the entry form from Emma I will gladly make photocopies and share .... I'll post on here when it arrives so you can send me your snail mail addy. Air mail from England usually takes about ten to fourteen days.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mountain Quiltfest Pigeon Forge

I am so angry, I cannot talk. I have not been this angry in a long, long time. You may recall I tied for second place at Pigeon Forge and they had a 3rd place ribbon on my quilt. I did not know that until they wrote me after the show. I called and the director of Special Events (City of Pigeon Forge) said to return the white one and they would "order" a red one. These are handmade lovely ribbons with the mountains paper pieced in the center circle inside the ruffled part on the top, and the ribbons have 'Mountain Quiltfest 2007 - whatever place' on the long part of the ribbon. So I sent the white one back last week, with some questions about judges, critiques and so on. She called me, said they had the red ribbon and would send it, and answered my questions. Today a ribbon came. It is totally unacceptable. It is something leftover from one of their events, obviously, and the center part says (in gold print) Your All American Getaway, Action packed Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The center long part says Second Place. There is a large blob of dirt/tar/something on one side of the long ribbons. I am too mad to call this lady, but I am considering writing her, both guilds that sponsor the show, AND the Pigeon Forge newspaper (will find out which one has the biggest circulation), as well as all the guilds I can find within a few hundred miles. One thing I AM wondering is if they thought I was Hispanic because of my last name (Sala) and figured this ribbon would be "good enough." There is a lot of prejudice in Tennessee, and it wouldn't be the first time I've run into it. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who cares to give me their thoughts on all this, I cannot tell you how disappointed I am. I said once before I would never send a quilt to their show again (the last large wall hanging I sent got draped over a tripod), now I KNOW I won't. Lavinia-TN

Entering A Long Distance "Challenge"

Part of the fun behind entering any kind of long-distance challenge is that you are sending the piece far, far away and so it is different from any experience you may have had entering a local quilt show. (Since I don't belong to a guild it is the only chance I have to enter any kind of "show".)

Plus it is a chance to try something new and different, something experimental, something "dangerous" or "risky" where you just might make a fool of yourself but since you don't personally know anyone who will be viewing it who cares? You might discover something new about yourself in the process of experimenting with dyeing silk yardage or experimenting with trapunto or gluing buttons on wool or whatever you experiment with in the creation of a small wallhanging.

I participated in the Hoffman Challenge every year for six or seven years running but I eventually got fed up with that because the judges were not following their rules (to my way of thinking). They seemed to award prizes to wallhangings that used mighty small amounts of the theme fabrics, almost microscopic pieces of the theme fabric. I felt I wasted too much time on the Hoffman and I think my last entry was in 1999 or 2000 ... my previous entries had been chosen to travel in their shows but that year it was flat out rejected and sent home and I said "Oh, fiddle-dee-dee" and gave up.

Now I look for challenges that don't require a specific company's specific fabrics. LOL And exploding colors sounds very, very tempting ... whoops, exploding colours.


English Challenge

Judy, thanks for the post. I've never sent anything farther than Pigeon Forge which is just up the road apiece from here on the other side of Smoky Mtn. Nat'l Park. While there last month I bought some dazzling and expensive hand dyed fat quarters. Talk about an explosion of color! I've saved the particulars and will log on later today. I'm already thinking about what I might do with them in a 24" square. Hope I follow through instead of just dreaming which is my usual pattern.

Jane in NC (I guess I'm the only Jane on this board)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

An International Competition in 2008

When I posted the photo of my "Shattered Trellis" and mentioned I had sent it off to Australia as part of a guild's international show Lavinia asked how I had found out about the event. So I thought I would share another international competition that sounds interesting to me and it sounds relatively straightforward, too, even though I haven't read the rules yet. I found this one in a magazine I subscribe to, a publication called "Fabrications: Quilting For You" which claims to be the U.K.'s largest patchwork and quilting magazine.

Anyhow their advertisements for quilt shows are intriguing and I found one onlne: http://www.grosvenorexhibitions.co.uk/Quilt/Quilts-Autumn/Quilts-Autumn.html#Autumn%20Shows%20-%20Top

There is a Festival Challenge to be displayed at their National Championship in 2008 with the title of "A Explosion of Colour". That sounds like a yummy theme and the size is mentioned (24" x 24") which means it would be easy to mail overseas. I guess any one who is interested can email the editor of Fabrications for an entry form. Yes, her name is Emma Cooling and her email address is at the bottom of the advertisement at the URL I posted above.

Sometimes competitions have themes that make me scratch my head ..... "The Glory of Nature" or "Happy Days" or "Seasons of Life" ..... but an explosion of colour sort of rings my chimes. Must be because I can envision the mess of fabrics on my sewing table ..... LOL


Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Thanks and I suspect everyone thanks you once again. This time I will cut and paste your directions into Word for future attacks of woolly headedness. My problem was that I didn't notice that I had to scroll a bit to the right to see the delete button.



I not only posted on the wrong page but can't fine Judy's instructions for deleting a post. I get as far as editing a post but can't remember how to get rid of the thing entirely. I just read through a bunch of archives from the past month or so on both pages and can't find it. Will someone help me out? Just give me the date of Judy's post and I'll rid this page of the personal stuff. I've posted the Shadow news on the chat page so it's there if anyone cares.



Nice to be back, now to catch up.

Looking forward to the visit to Vermont, coming up real quick.

Am posting before reading.

Hugs to all

Monday, April 23, 2007


Be cautious when perusing Wikipedia, and don't depend on it for factual information. Since anybody can edit it, there's a great opportunity for mischief there.

Pat in Rockport, TX

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Quilt Entry on Wikipedia

Anybody here ever edited Wikipedia? I think the entry on Quilts leaves a lot to be desired.