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Friday, December 19, 2008

Nevada, Iowa is just east of Ames, Iowa on US Highway 30 on your way to Marshalltown. The Block Party Studios now has a showroom on the west side of Nevada so you can shop in person.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's in NEVADA!

Block Party Studios is not in Nebraska or Kansas, but in Iowa. Nevada, Iowa, to be exact. Nevada! Pronounced NeVAda with a long "a" sound, not NeVAHda. You can find their website here. But if you want to find Nevada, Iowa, you'll have to use mapquest. LOL

It's Not a Quilt But It's About Quilting ... Sort Of ...

There's a company called Block Party Studio that sells whimsical artwork that often strikes my funnybone and I have purchased some of their "cartoons" at quilt shows over the years. Recently when I was reorganizing my stash I came across this one about "Quilter's Search Engine" and I colored it. Then I happened to come across the perfect fabric that blended with my coloring scheme ... I mean this fabric was absolutely fated to go with the frantic stash diver, don't you think?? Anyhow, I was in the mood to pull a Martha Stewart today and I fancied up my sewing room wastebasket as there is absolutely not another inch of wall space left in my room for any clever "art" ..... I had to decorate the wastebasket or start hanging stuff from the middle of the ceiling. Hmmmmm .......

You can find Block Party Studio's website by doing a google search. They are clever ladies, based in Nebraska or Kansas or maybe Iowa.

Judy in Ohio