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Saturday, February 24, 2007


Long night with the Prince, he came down ill and I had to go to the babysitter and I had to drive over and pick him up. Mom is out of town and dad had business last night so he was here for a sleep over. Ah long time since I went to bed at 8:30..lol

He is fine this am and dad just picked him up.

I am loving the pictures, and will sit one day and figure out how to do it and mail my PiShaw, it did turn out very nice. Thank you Heather for asking.

I see snow/ice storms have hit some of the eastern states. Celia sent a pix of the snow and oh my so much! so deep!

Tuesday quilting group has been after me to re join, now that I have Tuesday's free. I'm hoping to do so.

Is there a way to chat here? like msn chat? That would be fun.

off to hug the day

Mid Atlantic

I've spent the last two days at Mid-Atlantic. My GF could only go those 2 days and was more interested in the vendors than the quilts so thats what we did. Saw nice stuff of course. Today I am going in a few minutes to meet up and car pool with some of the ladies from my Wednesday am sewing group to go and spend the afternoon there. Today I will look at the quilts and remember to take my camera. I did meet Sandi and talked with her for a few minutes. Delightful lady. I will try to stop by again today and see her. Holice was not at the stencil booth. I did find a few nice stencils to add to my collection. I did try out the Tin Lizzie Long/midarm machine. I found it smoother to handle than the APQS and the Gammil machines I tried there also. I really did like the TIn Lizzie. I will enquire some more about it today. Thanks Celia for your comment that we have to sign in through Eric seperately to access the chat room. I will do that soon. Off to grab a bite of lunch before I go. I will save the lunch money and buy something else at the show today. :<) Lorraine in Va.

Mid Atlantic

I've spent the last two days at Mid-Atlantic. My GF could only go those 2 days and was more interested in the vendors than the quilts so thats what we did. Saw nice stuff of course. Today I am going in a few minutes to meet up and car pool with some of the ladies from my Wednesday am sewing group to go and spend the afternoon there. Today I will look at the quilts and remember to take my camera. I did meet Sandi and talked with her for a few minutes. Delightful lady. I will try to stop by again today and see her. Holice was not at the stencil booth. I did find a few nice stencils to add to my collection. I did try out the Tin Lizzie Long/midarm machine. I found it smoother to handle than the APQS and the Gammil machines I tried there also. I really did like the TIn Lizzie. I will enquire some more about it today. Thanks Celia for your comment that we have to sign in through Eric seperately to access the chat room. I will do that soon. Off to grab a bite of lunch before I go. I will save the lunch money and buy something else at the show today. :<) Lorraine in Va.
Sorry that message was supposed to start with TerTer......


Great to see you being able to make it back here....have you tried posting to the chat page as well? If you hit the WWQB Chat page when you sign in you will be able to post there as well.....

some one here was asking about your PI shawl....are you able to post a picture of it?

this is a quilt that I did about a year and half ago...I extended the border and added the saying that was printed in the pattern but not part of the original one....Peace Together by Brandywine Designs....it is a fun pattern to do, kinda like playing with paper dolls when you do the little people.....I am making another one now but it will be rectangular in shape in order to be able to hang it more easily since it will likely be a gift or donation quilt to raffle....a QB here like it so much she ordered the pattern and is also in the process of making one... I found this pattern after it was mentioned here on the original board....couldn't resist it...

Friday, February 23, 2007


Not sure if this will make it. I know how to get here now. don't tell my computer to remember me. lol

I love all the pictures and the ease of reading at this site.

I do have the problem of "publishing your blog" taking a long time.

This won't be long as I'm not sure if it will post

Flying Geese

Lavinia - the Eleanor Burns block is exactly the block I'm doing - it's the one with 3 flying geese and sashing on two sides in each unit. The Dutchman's Puzzle only has 2 . After some experimenting I made several blocks with 3 x 6 geese and I think that will work just fine. Thanks to all who send advice! NancyH

Dogs and more (like quilts)

What beautiful dogs everyone has!

Nancy, on the upper right is a link to www.quilt.com. If you go there, you'll find another link to quilt blocks -- click on "D" and look for Dutchman's Puzzle. It has the directions and pictures for the 12 inch block. There are a couple "easy" ways to make flying geese. Eleanor Burns has one way. I have another in an older magazine. Let me know if you need help. Lavinia-TN

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Flying Geese size

I was going to title this "does size matter" but was afraid it might attract the dreaded spammers again! I have a question.........I'm getting ready to make a quilt with flying geese - where the block is made up 3 flying geese and you put 4 blocks together (4-patch style) with the 3-geese blocks pointing in different directions, sort of going in a circle. There's a name for this block but it escapes me at the moment. This will be a queen size quilt. I'm debating on whether to make the 3-geese units 6 x 6 (each goose being 2 x 4 and a 2" strip on either side) or 12 x 12 (each good being 4 x 8 with the 2" strip on either side). Is a 4 x 8 goose too big? Is there some kind of "rule of thumb" about how big flying geese should be? You know, like when you make a log cabin the logs shouldn't be too big or it doesn't look right. I made a 2 x 4 sample with the fabric I'm using, then I made a 4 x 8 and it looks way oversized, but I don't know if it's because I'm used to looking at the smaller size. Any guidelines??? Thanks, NancyH

Vacation quilts

After seeing pictures in the previous posts of quilts made to capture nature, I thought I'd post this one that I made after a driving trip from Texas to Montana (never again!!). The colors of the mountains and the terrain through Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana were just beautiful. I used the pinwheel because of the wind, trying to use the colors that I saw in the landscape, and added the mountains (even "snow-capped" them) and the pine trees around the border because they were everywhere you turned. I purchased the fabric in a shop in Kalispell, MT, trying my best to capture the blue, blue sky. Since I have a lot of trouble matching colors, I was pretty proud of myself for getting it pretty darned close! It's the best kind of souvenier too. NancyH

Help Please

It's been a while since I signed up here and would like to be able to post on the Chat page too. Can someone tell me how to get there? I can click and read but not post.

Also, I read a few weeks back that one of our quilters here has knitted a Pi Shawl. Please email me about the shawl.

My addy is lightningsj@juno.com

Goodmorning from pollen land

It's so good to see the pictures, and Marion in N.Z.-to put a face with the names. What a beautiful country!
My abject apologies for my previous post that should have been on the chat page.
To keep things quilty--I'm proud that I took my Eleanor Burns class quilt over to the long arm quilter yesterday. It is a marvel how the "quick trip" method can truly make it a quick quilt. I had the top finished in 2 days, one in class one at home. It's a large lap quilt.
The long arm person is only charging $35.00 to quilt it, along with the poly batting. Not my first choice, but the person I'm giving it to will be leaving in a month, and the long arm quilter says she can have it finished in 4 weeks.
Pollen heavy from the oak/pine/wind here. I did a long walk yesterday, and used one tissue per mile. We also need rain, and more freezing weather. The weeds are spouting already. The leaves are still falling from the trees, and the vetagation is confused.
Today I'm puting some labels on some finished quilts for charity. Almost ready to stop the charity quilting, it has become a burden and a job, not enjoyable at all. I like the actual quilting, and the fun of getting together once a month, but then the quilts go into quilt limbo, and don't get finished by the quilt shop. Some have sat in a box for over a year. That's not helping anyone, and leaves feelings of frustration all around.
Back to a happy note. The sun is shining, and I'm making plans to go to the N. C. quilt symposium in May with a GF.
Best wishes to all,
Sara in Fla.

Biblical Blocks

Hi, Vicki, I saw your post about the quilt you are making with the tree of life in the center. Our minister is leaving us and I would love to do a quilt with this theme. What are some of the other blocks you are using. And where can I get the patterns. Marge

Thoroughly enjoying all the contributions.

Hello Ladies and Holice. The pictures and quilts are all so beautiful. What a great opportunity this is to see everyone and their quilts. Pat, great to see you again! Reminds me all over again of the wonderful time we had at the MI retreat. Marion, your pic is wonderful for all the reasons everyone has said. NZ looks to be a very beautiful country.
Last summer Jean in Mill Bay came almost 4,000 miles from the other side of Canada to see me for a few days. We had a great time and she showed me how to make binding. So that is what I have been doing for the past 2 days to use up some larger scrap pieces of fabric. Trying to clean up my sewing room and maybe it will be tidy enough to take a pic of it one day!

Now all I need to do is to make some quilts to sew all this binding to Might be a good idea!

Many thanks to everyone for sharing your lovely pics.
Celia in NB.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One Hundred and Forty

Just did a quick count of the names on list on the right side of this page and it appears that there are one hundred and forty of us who have signed up for blogging on the new improved WWQP Bulletin Board. Turns out that this twenty-first century stuff isn't too ghastly after all particularly since it comes with oodles of good photographs of gorgeous quilts and the quiltmakers who make this place lively. After making postings to each other so anonymously for so many years it is a delight to see some photos of faces once in a while.


Marion, your pictures are spectacular. I have that particular quilt on my list of quilts to make. Two others are ahead of it though. I'll get there.

You have done a really good job. Very inspiring.

I am going to try and post a picture of myself and my two dogs. Sassy is the smaller black dog and Lady is the bigger dog. Both are Heinz 57 type dogs. Sassy came from Last Chance Rescue and Lady came from the animal shelter. Both of them keep me on my toes for sure. Lady thinks she is a chiuaua(sp?) and should be on my lap when ever I am sitting. I don't have much lap left these days and Lady weighs 52 pounds. LOL

I am hand quilting a Christmas print quilt that is pieced from an Eleanor Burns pattern called Spinning Pinwheels I think. I have 7 rows left to quilt and when I get it done I will take a picture and post it. I am trying to get some UFO's done this year and this quilt is one of those. I have yet to count my UFO's....not sure I really want to know. But as I come across the little beasties, I put them in a stack and will get them all done eventually.
Well, I think I have figured out the post a picture trick so will see what happens next.
Take care
Pat in Flint


Doesn't quite catch the vibrancy of the colours but it's a nice reminder to me of a lovely trip !
Marion in NZ ( who must get off the computer and do some work !! )


I was afraid that I would be drummed off this page for posting a non quilting related picture (by mistake !) How clever of you kind ladies to turn it into an object lesson in colour and design.! Thank you !

Truth is, NZ is a very beautiful country and because it is so small you can get to see most of it in a very short time !! We are an hour from the mountains one way, and half an hour from the sea the other way...

I always look at the beautiful scenery and wonder how I could represent it with fabric. I did a wall hanging of the lake for DH for his 60th Bday and another following a trip to Australia a few years ago. The colours there were amazing. I loved the red earth and the bright sunlight. . We had travelled through the Outback and across the Simpson Desert and I was totally charmed by it all. I'll see if I can locate that photo..



I always knew I wanted to visit New Zealand and now I know why. What a beautiful place. I also think that the person who took that picture has a great aesthetic eye and you need to recruit him to the quilting team. My DB is making noises about it. As in "I think I could get into that." I need to spend more time with him but he's 2/3 of the way across the country and working time and a half taking care of DSIL who is a state of advanced dementia with Alzheimer's.

Recently while walking the brat I came upon a spot on my property at just the right time of day in just the right atmospheric conditions at the right time of year when the far mountains were brightly lit with sunshine in some places and shaded by large clouds in others producing a light brown/ taupe and coffe brown undulating random picture dictated by the lay of the land. The mountains were on the other side of a creek valley several miles from me. Up close were the bare trees which were back lit by the sunlight making the trunks and branches appear silver, not gray, but silver. Even closer the same type trunks appeared their usual browns and grays. Did I have my camera? Of course not! Rats. The lessons taught by this story are 1) get yourself a digital camera if you don't have one and 2) for heaven's sake, take it everywhere with you with the battery charged and the memory adequate for any emergency. I'll probably never have another combination of variables like those I encountered that day. I write about it partly to fix it in my memory.

The picture is wonderful, Marion. I think the photographer loves his subjects.

Jane in NC

colour and Marion's picture

Marion, it is a beautiful picture and is especially comforting to me as a reminder that there is a time ahead without ice and snow!
Judy, when I saw the picture, I thought about how much I liked those colours together but didn't think about a quilt. You're so right; it would be gorgeous. Several years ago, I was driving somewhere with my husband in September when our colours are the dark green of evergreen with the golds and browns of fall leaves, the occasional splash of red (we don't have much hardwood), the grey of the rocks and the sky. It was so beautiful and I wanted to make a quilt like that. Never got around to it unfortunately. Thank you for the reminder to look at things a different way.

Marion's Photo

You know, Marion, that photo of yours offers an excellent example of how to find a color palette for a quilt. While the photo probably could be on the Chat Page as far as the subject of weekend relaxation goes it is still an eye-opener on how nature (sea, sky, mountains and dog seen in bright sunlight) can offer color combinations that just sing. Throw in silver hair (sorry, Marion LOL) and a colorful shirt and you've got a terrific scheme for a quilt.

Some people lift colors from their garden. Marion could lift colors from a weekend on her boat.


need advice

I am working on a Biblical Album quilt. The center is a Tree of Life block and surrounding the center block are different traditional pacthwork blocks with Bibical names. Each block name has a scripture that goes with it. Now for the question. I would like to put the name and the scripture of each block on the back of the quilt. What are some ideas? I haven't bought the fabric yet, so I am open to anything. Thanks

Marion in NZ - photos

I see you got the picture posted, despite my terrible instructions. I goofed - after you go to Accessories, just look for Paint. No need to go near System Tools. Sorry, but I am technologically challenged and that is yet another example. Aaack!


and after all that I see it is on the wrong page....sorry ladies.


Maybe this time ?!

It took twelve minutes but here it is ! I can hardly believe my eyes ! The flicking lines around the exclamation mark stopped after less than once around , the green squares continued to fill up and I waited to see if anything else would happen ! It did !
Thank you Doris for your suggestions too. I followed your instructions but when I got to Systems Tools it failed to offer me "Paint" as an option ! Anyway. This is a photo of a quiet moment on the boat at the w/end. Holly, the naughty Beagle pup, is enjoying the view while I am enjoying a cuppa !
That sounds like a good idea. Might go and make myself one now !
an exhausted Marion in NZ.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Oh how I would love to be there :). Such fun meeting people and a show to boot.

All of you have fun and pat our Sandi on the back for wonderful quilts she has out there. Very proud of you Sandi.

Rain came, but the sun was wonderful while it lasted. The trip over the mountain brought warm weather and the pool at the hotel was being re cemented so no swiming. boo hoo Nice shopping trip but such a long ride back and forth.

Mary, you are traveling about this year, I know Fran is looking forward to your visit. :) Have fun.

off to rest a bit, the Prince was very active today.

The Moroccan tiles quilt

Sorry for posting the wrong name on the quilt yesterday. It's Moroccan tiles, not Marrakesh. Marrakesh was the name of the group of fabrics used in the quilt. Timeless did tell me this morning that the quilt kit was out selling the other in the magazine but I'm amazed that it's sold out. I would guess they would be ordering more fabric. Of all the quilts in the magazine I would pick the one on the front cover to do, it's more my style, lol Batiks and lots of pieces!

Sandi in MN

Sandi's quilt

Sandi, I saw your quilt at the link you sent. What a wonderful pattern and I see the kit is already out of stock!! Good for you! I think this pattern would also look good as a stained glass with batiks. But I didn't see a place to buy the pattern.

I hadn't seen you post in a while and was wondering how you're doing. Apparently fine!!

too lazy to post pictures directly

But if you go here, you'll see the quilt pictures and posts on my blog related to quilting. One of the quilts shown is the baby quilt done by the WWQP Chat board for Thea on the mountain's little baby girl (who is now 2+ years old - how time flies!)

Better get back to work.

One more try !

Thank you for that suggestion Celia ! I'll go for the smallest size and see what happens. !! It really isn't that important, it's just that I've enjoyed seeing all the photos and would like to be able to post one myself !!

Nope.....it did the same thing again.

Off to bed now. I'll check in again in the morning...


Monday, February 19, 2007

Mid Atlantic Mary and Sandi

Hey Sandi, I'm a fluffy person with bad hair too ( I need a haircut but didn't have the time to get one so my bangs met my scissors one day so I could see where I was going), I hope you can tell me and Mary apart. I do not have a Sisters T-shirt though. I do have a 221 perfect portable T- shirt though. Mary, I do hope you enjoy the show. Sandi, when I locate my copy of F and P I will look up your quilt. I am looking forward to meeting you later this week. I do hope you enjoy your stay in Virginia. The temperature is supposed to be in the high 50's and 60's for the rest of the week so bring a lightweight jacket. Safe travels to you. Lorraine in Va.

sandi's quilt, fons & porter

thanx for the link to your quilt, it is beautiful. soothing colors, and i love how it makes your eye dance from one design to another but is not overpowering. i used the 'cut and paste' feature to see the quilt.

while on fons & porter (i don't go there often), i saw that one of the top 10 best sellers is an issue of their magazine sept/oct 2006. anyone have any idea why that issue is so popular? nothing on the cover gives me a clue. perhaps i'll have to make a trip to the library to check it out and see for myself if noone knows.
dutchrose ---{-@
I think this link will take you to the kit page for my quilt on the fonsandporter.com web site.
If it doesn't work, go to fonsandporter.com, click on the March/April issue (no picture yet) and then go to the kits. It's called Marakesh. I hope this works, I've never posted a web link before, copy and paste if you can't click on it.


About Your Quilt, Sandi ...

Hi, Sandi, is there a way for those of us who do not read the Fons & Porter magazine to see a photo of your quilt? (I gave up my addiction to quilt magazines except for QNM about three years ago.)


To Sandi

Sandi, that quilt is beautiful. Those stars are most intriguing.
Marge in Louisiana

Mid-Atlantic Festival

Mary, I'll be at the Geddes Studio booth. It's a corner booth and near the back, from what I was told. It's dichroic glass jewelry and buttons. Gorgeous stuff. I'm also bringing a couple of quilts and patterns, whatever I can fit in the suitcase! Nancy said to bring along my patterns and I assured her that I really was there to sell her jewelry and not my patterns but she said the extra quilts are always welcome in the booth. So, since it's OK with her.....

Thanks for the comments about the Fons and Porter mag. I've had ads and things in other magazines but this is the BIG ONE! I believe it's a close call as to which F&P or American Patchwork and Quilting has more circulation. I did the quilt for Timeless Treasures as a sample to promote the fabric line and F&P picked it up from them. I don't talk about my designing much because I've gotten a couple of really nasty emails which I'd rather not receive. I don't believe they were from any BB person, it seems that they were local to me. I really do appreciate all the support of everyone here though, so thanks!

hugs everone,
Sandi in MN


Mid Atlantic without a yo-yo

Hi, I haven't said anything because I wasn't sure of details yet. I will be at Mid-Atlantic on Saturday but I'll be going with people I've never met before. I have no idea about times, etc. I do hope to swing by the booth where Sandi will be sometime during the day. Sandi, can you re-post those details?
If you see a fluffy person having a bad-hair day wearing a Sisters Quilt Show t-shirt, that might be me. :-) (I had a body perm and the hair is still trying to decide what to do with all this new body. LOL)
I'll try to be alert for yo-yo's but those that know me can tell you that when in the presence of beautiful quilts my mind doesn't always function very well. :-)
Hope everyone has a great week!
Mary in Oregon


HI folks, I finally figured out how to post again. Have 5 minutes before I have to get ready for work or as it really is, an 8 hour exercise class. So, I will be going to Mid- Atlantic on Thursday and probably a couple more days. I will have a yellow-yo-yo so if any of you go, wear yours. Sandi In Mn is it? are you still going to be at your friends jewelry booth? which one? I'd love to meet you. I met Mayme once there, she was there with her niece. I believe we met at the Stencil booth around 2:00. I will aim to be there on whatever days I get to go. Off to get ready. Lorraine in chilly Va, which will warm up starting tomorrow.

hot off the presses

today i finished a quilt top and love to be able to share it -- thanx to eric and sue!
the different red/white/blue blocks were given to me by guild members when i moved from my place of birth to a whole new life. once here, i joined a guild and we were doing a block exchange. for my block i requested the red/white/blue setting squares. i put them together and i think it will be called "make new friends but keep the old."
dutchrose ---{-@


Sunday, February 18, 2007

The 90th birthday celebration was very pleasant and here are the daughter and birthday girl, age 90 with the quilt I made for her to snuggle under while reading or napping. This lady is one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met. Never a harsh or negative word escapes her mouth. True to form , though, it was not only not accompanied by a card, nor was it gift wrapped except for a pillow case. I hadn't even quite finished the binding it so took it back and it is here at my house.

SANDI I would like to add my congratulations on the publication of that nifty pattern in F&P this issue. I've already earmarked it for a try in the future once I clear out about fifteen UFOs.

The first two of which will be my DGSs' flannel rag quilts. With luck I will get them done for their birthdays in June. Twins are tough but half as bad as quads I guess. After that there will be the nine patch from hell which I started after I made the boys' baby quilts about thirteen years ago (they will be fourteen in June). Fools rush in etc. .... I thought, "well, now I know what I'm doing so I'll make one for the king sized bed." Sort of like rushing into the second pregnancy after the first baby turned out to be fairly easy. Nine patch looked simple enough and I made 18" blocks so the piecing didn't take too, too long except for the setting triangle mystery as I just had to set the blocks on point. Then I set out to hand quilt it. Well, one thing led to another and I haven't sewn a stitch in it in about six years or more. It's been lying around getting very musty smelling. The primary spaniel from hell, known to some of the old timers on the board, used to make a nest of it as I was lap quilting. When I find the picture Al took of her all curled up at my feet making herself comfortable in it I'll post it. There is lots of dog hair and a few dirty foot prints memorialized thereon. Not only that but I got rid of the king sized bed after Al died. I do have competition in the ancient UFO department as someone in the guild told me she has one that's about 23 years old. At least mine are all cotton. Hers is probably poly blend.

Jane in NC

Sandi Irish

I received my new issue of Fons and Porter quilt magazine yesterday. Was delighted to see a beautiful quilt project by our own Sandi Irish. Just think, some of us knew her years ago when she was "playing" with the idea of designing patterns and fabric. Keep up the good work, we are all proud of you.

Raeann in MO

Beth in TN - reds looking like pink

BETH IN TN - Beth, when the quilt comes home maybe I'll remember to take some closeups and post them. I am reminded of those color classes where values change depending on what they are placed next to. :-) I enjoyed working with the fabrics, too. Alex Anderson went with a good fabric company when she attached her name, as the "grey goods" were excellent quality.
FWIW I used Quilters Dream batting - the thinner loft.

I totally FMQed it by myself on my Janome 6500. I ***love*** to FMQ (and sew!) on that machine and the extra two inches of length on the arm/harp really do make a difference. ;-) Size does matter and longer is better. Talking about sewing machines for FMQ, of course. ;-)

Endless Sleeve (as opposed to Endless Love LOL)

Well I hope this quilt sells at Pigeon Forge, LOL. The next question for you all would have been, do you baste these things on? I have already hemstitched it on, still have halfway to go. If it doesn't sell there, I have to take the whole thing off and move it down 5 inches for the next show. It sure would be nice if there were a national standard for sleeves.

You can see a close-up of the fantastic quilting at http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/album/557471647vPqoZw by Donna Patrick of Mount Carmel, Tennessee. (And yes I gave her credit on the label as well as the applique design of Theresa Field of Fort Pierce, Florida). Name of the quilt is Appalachian Spring ~ To God be the Glory.

First "real" snowfall last night and this morning. Guess we have a few inches. But it will be gone tomorrow as it is going up to 48. Lavinia-TN

LOL - unknown UFOs

Jean - I had to laugh (in sympathy, I assure you). When digging through my stash to find the quilt for a cure fabric I knew I had, I found a kit I had forgotten about. That wouldn't have been so bad...I also found a pieced quilt top that had slipped my mind. The top was finished at least 13-14 years ago - the fabric was purchased at a Ben Franklin store that went out of business twenty-five years ago. So much for finding matching fabric for the binding, huh?

I do have a (not complete, obviously!) list of UFOs. Quilts for other people are generally finished quickly; the long list of UFOs are things that were for me. Among them are the fall swap blocks and blue/white blocks from secret pals swaps from a number of years ago, and the maple leaf blocks from Rosey's Retreat.

This past summer I finished 5 UFO tops. The plan is to quilt them all by mid-June, so I can finish piecing more over the summer, to quilt in the following winter...and on and on until I catch up.

Yeah, right!