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Friday, June 19, 2009

A Wordy Report From a National Quilt Show ... the 2009 National Quilt Association Show in Columbus, Ohio

Spent a few hours at the 40th National Quilting Association Show in Columbus, Ohio this afternoon and did my bit to stimulate the economy. Came home with one kit from Sewbatik's booth (that guy's stuff is absolutely irresistible in person), some threads from Superior Threads booth and some foundation piecing papers for tiny Christmas tree ornaments in classic quilt block patterns. (There was a brief power outage for a few minutes while I was in the Sewbatik booth so that's why I had plenty of time to browse among his kits.)

The quilt show featured rows of red and white quilts that were yummy to look at. They used the idea that the 40th show was the "ruby anniversary" and invited people to send in their red and white quilts so the range from traditional to contemporary was quite exciting to see ... everything from classic embroidered redwork to glitter and glitz on small wallhangings.

After looking at the Best of Show quilts I looked around for the new Master Quilter display. I asked a white glove lady to point me to the Master Quilter exhibit and she told me that they don't always have a new Master Quilter each year .... that some years there is no one who has earned the designation. I had previously seen Ted Storm's exhibit and last year it was Sharon Schamber's but there was no new Master Quilter for 2009.

The number of dealers trying to sell longarm or mid-arm quilting machines was rather amazing .... everyone from the "biggies" (Gammill, APQS, etc.) to machines that looked like they were built in someone's garage. Therefore price ranges must be all over the place too.

The Gammill guy had a cool set up .... black fabric on one longarm machine with gold metallic thread and a computerized system stitching a very elegant feather pattern. Oh, my goodness! I teased him and said "Now that's a real killer of a set-up you have there, you have the George Clooney sex appeal factor working for you." and he just grinned at me. "Does it make your heart go pitty-pat?" he said. I said, "Not today." and walked on. LOL

Judy in Ohio

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Charity Comfort Quilts

The Quilting Bee that I belong to in our community had an art and craft show yesterday. Our group displayed their charity project for this year - tied comfort quilts for the local veterans' hospital. Wish I could figure out how to post a picture as they made a very nice showing. We're a small group, just eight ladies, but managed to each make a few from our stashes. It is a pleasure to know that we can support our veterans and show how much we appreciate what they have done for all of us.

Margaret from Long Island, NY
(where we've had so much rain that golf at Bethpage had to be cancelled because the course looked more like a swimming pool)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sampler Quilts

I'm looking for a book or articles about the history of sampler quilts. Not "how to" or directions for making, but when that type might have begun, changes through the years, reasons for making, etc. Anything interesting about samplers. Thank you. Harriet