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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Quilt storage etc

Thanks for all the suggestions and the web site. Lavinia

Friday, February 29, 2008

Absolutely Mind-Boggling

Judy Martin's production of quilts is absolutely mind-boggling. I have known for some time that Judy is one of those remarkable women who supports herself and her family with her output of quilting books and but it is truly amazing to see her quilts lined up like that in her "furnace room storage area" as she calls it. I have most of her books even though I no longer make her style of quilts ... just keep on buying her books because I enjoy reading the text in them. She's quite the author as well as a quilt designer.


Did she clean her sewing room before....

Call me suspicious minded if you wish, but I am highly suspicious that Judy Martin cleaned her sewing room, thoroughly, top to bottom, and completed the job just two minutes before taking photographs for her website. ROFLOL. My room has never, ever looked that good. And I must say, "Nifty job of hanging quilts!!"
whose sewing room is currently and perpetually in a state of disarray and who would give her two eye-teeth to have a room so neat. LOL

quilt storage

Thanks Laura for posting Judy Martins website. I had not visited there before. She has a wonderful sewing room and quilt storage area!! I wish I could do that but my house is too small. I wonder what kind of a decorating statment that would make in my living room. . . .anyway lots of good ideaas at Judy Martins.

Pat in Flint

Storing quilts without folds

You may wish to check the solution Judy Martin found. Go to judymartin.com and under the "About Judy" section find the pictures of her sewing studio. Scroll down until you see the pictures of her quilt storage.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Washing a quilt

I wash mine in our front loading washer. It tends to start out slowly so that the quilt has time to arrange itself in there. I've never had it get unbalanced, at least not so far. I use the shortest cycle and the high-speed final spin to get as much water as possible out of the quilt.

Pat in Rockport, TX, where it's another lovely, sunny day in the 70s.


I do realize that you don't want the washer to put strain on the quilt by spinning too hard, but my machine drains during the spin and drain cycle, and too much water might be left in the quilt and make it quite difficult to deal with.

And if that makes sense to you, it's more than it does for me. LOL.


Washing the quilt

The only problem I can see with washing the quilt in a front loader washer is that the quilt might not distribute itself evenly and the washer might just decide the load was unbalanced and refuse to spin it dry. I had that happen once and had to add some other things to the load so they could position themselves around the bin. Only then could I make the washer spin properly.