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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fabric for sale!


I can't keep this to myself. All these beautiful fabrics are on sale for $4 per yard. What I've gotten so far is great but I have to stay away for a while!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sewing Machine

A few years ago a friend of mine recommended the Janome machine to me but I bought a Bernina because the dealer was local. I wish I'd listened to her. I just bought a Janome so I could have a machine downstairs instead of lugging my heavy machine up and down stairs.
It's called a Decor Computer DC3816. I love the drop in bobbin and being able to see how the thread is lasting. It has the cute button hole stitch for applique and every other fancy stitch I've ever used. It has superior feet that move the fabric more evenly under the needle so there's no need of a walking foot and the bottom fabic doesn't wiggle out of shape - I just can't say enough nice things about it. I just finished sewing a lot of nine patch blocks together and they all came out nice and square - not used to that!
I can't believe I spent $299 as compared to $1200!!!!!
If I shouldn't be putting this on the board you may strike me with a wet noodle. I just want anyone who is about to buy a sewing machine to check out Janome.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

quilt shows

I'd be interested in knowing when the Mankato show is. I will be in that part of the state for over a week in April--2 weekends, so there's a chance they could coincide. That would be a great thing for me to take my mom to.

Our guild is having a show in May, in celebration of our 25th anniversary as a guild. I don't have the dates right now & also don't know the cut off for entering quilts. But I will offer this. You have to put a limit on your judged quilts because a judge can only do about 50 in a day. We found this out last time & had to get a second judge for another 25. So you can say you will accept the first 50 who want to be judged or something similar. You can also put a limit on entries equal to the number of hangers you have. But really a quilt show is more interesting, the more quilts it has, even if they are draped over chairs. We did this at a show one time, too. Our guild has a rule that you can't enter a quilt that has been in a previous guild show.

The NW AR quilt show is the first weekend in April at the Springdale Convention Center. That was a great show last time. They alternate years, also. They gave away lots of door prizes and had some wonderful vendors from Eureka Springs. I'm so happy this is before I leave for MN!!! I'd hate to miss theirs more than our own.

Judy in AR

Monday, March 9, 2009

Quilt show time - but not in New Ulm

Phyllis - we won't have a show this year. We do one every other year and when we started having guild shows we set it up so that we would alternate with Mankato. Mankato's show is in April - don't have the dates in front of me but I can certainly post them if you or anyone else, for that matter, are interested. Looks like I will probably be co-chairing our show and I would like to get the date and location set before Mankato's so we can do a little plug. I am hoping to meet with the chair of our previous show to get some info from her, etc. sometime soon!

Are there some other guild shows coming up? Do you have a theme? How far in advance do you cut off entries? We are still working out some of the bugs on ours. Last time we had a great show but way more quilts than we had room to display. There was a cut-off date to register quilts but people were calling the night before to add more quilts. As a result. a number of quilts were not hung but were draped over chairs, tables, railings, etc., and the owners of some of those quilts were, understandably, not happy. We did come up with some ideas on how to deal with the "problem" of too many quilts as well as some other things. What do some of the rest of you do?
I have been working on cutting out some Dear Jane blocks this afternoon while I tackled the mountain of laundry that has grown in my laundry room. We had our second class last Thursday and got our assignment for next month. At least to start out we are planning to have an actual sewing night, rather than a strictly instructional class. We are starting with the easy blocks and I am not even coming out with square blocks on those every time. I do think it is going to be a fun adventure and I am liking the Civil War Prints that we are using. The dryer buzzer is calling.... Joleen in MN

Remember Holice?

For all of you who remember Holice who often posted quilting advice and information, there is a nice article in the May 2009 issue of The Quilter Magazine. The article is about The Stencil Company (www.quiltingstencils.com) which he represented at quilt shows throughout the country. The article is on page 56 - enjoy

Joleen - is your quilt quild having their show this month?
Take care, Phyllis in Minnesota