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Friday, December 11, 2009

Wool...and a question

A couple of my quilting buddies and I went to Des Moines to the AQS a month or so ago. We noticed lots of wool and embroidery. I picked up a wool bag kit that has a crazy quilt piece at the top and ordered a kit for a wall hanging/picture. The bag is done and I love it - haven't worked with wool before so it was really fun. The kit came last week and I got started on it this morning. It is based on Ecclesiastes 3 (To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven). The base is a hand dyed piece that goes from white (for the snow) thru greens and into golds for spring, summer, fall. Then trees, a house, etc., are added on top of that. The verse "To every thing..." is embroidered around the border. The sample I saw was gorgeous so, hopefully, mine will turn out. I got the pieces fused this morning and plan to take it with me when we go to Hawaii over Christmas. Which leads to my question. I know you can't take pointed scissors on a plane, but how about needles, etc. I can't find anything prohibiting needles but thought I would ask you guys. And want to add Best Wishes to all of you during this holiday season. Joleen in MN