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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Has anyone made the Postcard Quilt from Kaffe Fassett's book Quilt Road? If you have, do you have any tips or suggestions?
There are lots of squares, flying geese, some diamonds, etc. All directions are to use the templates published in the book's pattern. Main thing I'd like to know if anyone has pieced this top is if you've disregarded the templates, and cut the pieces by measuring the templates & cutting with a rotary cutter.
I liked a line in the introduction to the directions ".....quite a piecing challenge & a lot of fun to do. Because of the various angles & piecing difficulties some of the borders are best made too long and then just chopped off to fit." Sounds good to me! Harriet

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thank you

Thank you JudyPete. I was also thinking the $20-$25 range for exactly the same reasons. And I was also struck by the criss cross sashing.

I do ebay myself but haven't wanted to mess with that for a while. I just wanted to find a better home for it than the garbage.

This might look wonderful displayed from a cradle or doll bed or something of that nature.

Vintage Quilt Piece

Hi, Judy in Arkansas: While there are many vintage quilt collectors out there, most collectors want quilts that are in excellent condition. Of course, there are also those who like the worn look and use such quilts for display purposes in their home, etc. If a pattern is highly unusual, or has providence (history), that makes a vintage quilt more desireable. Quilts that date back to the mid-1800s, especially the Civil War era, are prized. I'm guessing this one dates to 1930-40. But I could be wrong.

This piece is interesting in that is has an attractive block pattern and the sashing is 'different'. I really do like that sashing and have made note of its construction. Readers can click on the photo to get a closer view.

There are many old worn-out quilts sold on eBay and they are generally listed as "cutter quilts" for the buyers will cut them up for primitive crafts. You can go to eBay and research prices on small pieces like this. Crafters might cut it for crafty items or frame it for a primitive wall hanging.

I don't have the time this morning but perhaps someone here could look up the pattern for you. That would add interest to a potential buyer, especially if you have a quilter friend who can list it on eBay. Barbara Brackman has a book that is helpful in identifying block patterns/names. Remember, though, with eBay, that they charge an upfront fee as well as a percentage of the sale price, so when all is said and done you will pay eBay approx 3-5 percent (I could be off on this) of your final sale. I think it would be better to sell it personally at home or to some reader here. Listing is a hassle because you have to take photos, upload the photos, write your description, etc. It's very time consuming.

It is good that you have not just tossed this in the garbage. Don't expect a high price. But perhaps you can find someone willing to give you a small amount that will help your quilt group buy thread, fabric, or whatever. Or perhaps you can even find a quilter who will swap you with new fabric from their stash for old quilt piece. I'm not an appraiser so will not give you an "official appraisal" but it would surprise me if it fetched more than $20. If someone here disagrees with that, I certainly won't be offended if they so state. LOL.

But thanks for sharing. If nothing else, I got a wonderful sashing idea from your photo! I missed seeing it at first because I was looking at the block itself. But take a second look at the construction of the sashing and its visual effect. It's very attractive.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More Info

I forgot to say that the size of the vintage piece is 36" X 24.5". It is completely hand quilted and the back is traditional muslin.

Vintage price??

I am posting a picture of a piece of a vintage quilt that was brought to our church relief quilt making group. We think it was a regular bed size quilt at one time, but cut down as a lap robe or something similar. It was bound in a different fabric on one side and just zigzagged shut on the end. It is showing some wear but the colors are still bright. We cannot use it for our group, but would like to see if we can sell it to help buy supplies that we need.

I know that someone on here--one of the other Judys??--collects vintage quilts and perhaps could help put a price on it. We're not looking for a lot, just to get it somewhere it might be appreciated.

Thank you to whomever can give some assistance!!


Ami Simms was a blast!!!!! These quilts are awesome! Please check the website for info on where the exhibit will be in coming months. Dates thru 2010 are listed and I think there is room for more if someone's guild is interested. She does a powerpoint presentation as part of the program which explains why she got involved in Alzheimer's research (her mom has it) and you find out what an incredible life her mom had. If you get a chance to go see the exhibit, take along kleenex so you can read the descriptions.

I'll have to get back to you about the interview, I am getting the DVD tomorrow and I am going to send it to Ami to have Ami upload it to YouTube. I'm just not computer savvy enough. I will try to post a picture of Ami and myself to the site as soon as my camera recharges.

In stitches, Shelli

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Shelli's interview

Please let us know how we can see the interview, what fun for both of you!
I'd love to have Ami at our guild that would be such a treat.

Alzheimer's Quilts

I don't know if any of you have ever taken a class from Ami Simms, but I did some years ago and she was a blast! She is currently curator of the Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece quilt collection that is traveling the country. I was lucky enough to see this exhibit today at a local high school during the Its a Stitch quilt show. WOW, these quilts and their stories have power! I will also be interviewing Ami tommorrow for our local tv channel and my camera man has given me permission to submit the video to YouTube. If you would like more info or want to see the quilts online or check the travel schedule go to: www.AlzQuilts.org Now I need my beauty sleep so I don't look to ghastly on camera--lol!