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Friday, May 18, 2012

My quilting passion

Good question Sara. I tend to uses many sources for my quilting. I always feel most at home when I am reproducing older quilt patterns. Most recently I have reproduced a quilt from my husband's family from 1890-1910 era. It was a very rewarding project and waiting for hand quilting in the Baptist fan pattern.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Want to know what my fellow quilters are doing

Since I seem unable to take a nap today I'm going through some quilt patterns and books in hopes of selling some at our neighborhood garage sale this Sat.  So, was wondering what your "best" favorite book, teacher, or pattern is.  (Sandy Irish would vote for her's).
I lean towards Mary Lou Weidman, quirky bright colors, fun type of quilts.  Having just said that, the latest one I started about 2 years ago still isn't finished. 
The hardest thing I ever attempted was the first class that I took here about 18 yrs. ago.  Don't know why the teacher through it was a "beginner" class!  That book is going in the sale-a Baltimore Album type of quilt with lots of small applique parts.
So are you doing baby quilts, charity quilts, etc?
Sara in the humid south.