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Friday, February 17, 2012

Isn't This a Cute Little Color Wheel?

Isn't this a cute little color wheel?? I can brag about it because it is a foundation pieced pattern that I found on the web and so it is not my original design. :-) It is merely something that I already had the fabrics for (Timeless Treasures Tonga Treats "Hard Candy" batik squares that my DD had given to me as a birthday gift last year). The pattern can be found online by going to piecebynumber.com and looking for their "Circle of Geese" block. Okay, my addition of colorful little kitty heads as the border fabric was my touch of cleverness. Geese flying over cats ... I think it is witty.

I used a triangle pocket on the back and a piece of stiff cardboard in the triangle pocket so I could hang this on point. Sewed a plastic ring at the top of the back (out of sight) and then rammed a plastic push pin kind of thumb tack into the wood of my shelves. Thus I can easily remove this "wall hanging" from the shelves when I need to browse in the red and blue fabrics. Quite honestly, the walls in my sewing room are already loaded with too much stuff so I had to load something like this on my fabric shelves now. I better stop making cute little things or else remove other things.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Do You Remember BBer Bunny Filer???

Bunny Filer was a member of our WWQP BB for a long time and then when we switched to this eBlog format for some reason she was never able to get Eric to accept her emails and was never able to join the group again. Anyhow, Bunny and I have kept in touch because we both participate in Project Linus and she's encouraged me to give Quilts of Valor a try although I've never gotten up the energy to try that group yet.

Anyhow, through the Project Linus group email digest I learned about what Bunny and her husband Joe have been doing for years in the way of charity work. They have a great "system" in that Bunny works upstairs in their home piecing quilt tops and Joe works in the basement of their home quilting her tops on his HQ Fusion machine. How's that for a partnership? :-) Here's a video interview that was done by a central Illinois network.


Judy in Ohio