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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Washing fabric

I also like to wash all my fabric, not only to shrink and get excess dye out, but also because I think it's easier to work with. Pieces seem to stick to each other better when you're piecing them and sewing is more accurate. Unwashed fabric is sometimes kind of "slick". I took a class once where the teacher said that cotton, when it's washed, is like microscopic velcro. Tiny little fibers stick out and cling to each other. I also had heard, as someone mentioned earlier, that washing a bleeding fabric with a piece of white muslin will show whether the dye is really transferring - you can do this with a small piece of each in a bowl of water. And the dye magnet, or whatever it's called now, is also a wonderful thing! NancyH

Dye Run

I, too, wash everything; if for no reason other than to shrink it. One is bound to have to wash the final product eventually and then not only do colors run but fabrics shrink at differing rates. I use the color catcher sheets. I learned at a Ricky Tims lecture than Synthropol, used by hand dyers as a color fixant, should be used when laundering new fabric. It is unfailingly effective. Purchase it at a quilt shop. Use only about a quarter tsp. per load.

Jane in cloudy NC

Long Gone BBers

Judy in Ar wrote in her comment about Laundry "I check here every day just like the old BB and I hate that so few post regularly."

I think that most of us have moved on to other forums. I give this place a glance each and every morning but it is kind of like looking back at my old high school .... nobody's "home" so I don't hang around any more. It's a shame but it's a fact of life ... many got fed up by the bad postings on the old WWQP BB and left in dismay, never to return.

Judy in Ohio

dye running in wash

I also have major allergies and wash everything that comes in. I don't ususally iron until I am ready to cut it. I also use a dye magnet. You should be able to get one at a fabric store or Walmart in the laundry section.
Tell your friend to try washing the teal with a small piece of white snipped from a larger piece. Compare the white snippet with the original. the dye she sees in the water may not be re-depositing, but may be running down the drain.

Wash or not wash fabric

I always wash all my fabric before using it. I have many allergies and can not handle the fabric with out it being washed. I also use "color catcher" in the washing machine. These are purchased in your local grocery store and catch all the bleeding that any fabric might have. Even though I wash lights with light and darks with dark the color catcher sheets are great. About 24 come in each box. Marge

Friday, May 30, 2008


My friend called and asked me if most quilters wash their fabric before they use it. I usually do. Not always, but have had some run. She has a piece of teal batik and has washed it a total of 4 time and the last time with vinegar. It is still bleeding. She replaced it with another color to finish the backing on her quilt and called the quilt shop where she purchased it. The clerk told her that they could not take any fabric back that had been washed and that quilters do not wash. I found that a funny statement as I am sure that some of you out there wash......... Anyway, I said I would write you and see what the general opinion was. Thanks, Marcik