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Friday, February 27, 2009

Inspirations II for Judy

Found this on the Blank Textiles Site, guess you found it already?


Thursday, February 26, 2009

magazine storage

I, too, had stacks and stacks of magazines. A few years back, I finally sorted thru them & offered up the ones I didn't want on line to get them out. The rest I placed in a plastic container made for files. I didn't use the file pieces included, just the container. It holds several years' worth & makes it easier to find specific issues. It has a raised lid, which accommodates oversized and is stackable tho I keep only one. I filed the magazines by title and chronologically. Now when I read thru a magazine, I note on the cover what is inside that I'm keeping the issue for or put it in the pass on pile.

I also know of people who just clip out the articles they want to keep and put them in notebooks. The problem I have with that is that over the years, people's tastes change and there might be something else in a magazine that you wouldn't have made back then, but is what you love now.

As an aside--sort of like this: Many, many (about 30) years ago, I put all the recipes I had clipped into big 3 ring notebooks divided by categories I could relate to. I can honestly say that I have NEVER opened those notebooks again to use any of those recipes!!! And I still have boxes of recipes clipped since. LOL

PS I still haven't found my ovarian cancer fabric and am at a standstill on my quilt. I guess none of the quiltshops.com 238 shops have bolts of fabric past 2 years old. :(

Fabric organizers

Oh, What a neat idea. Wish I had invented the fabric organizers.
Anyone else using them? They seem a bit expensive at $1.69 each, but I guess one could buy 10 at a time. Maybe request them for anniv. or birthday presents.
Love the look. I could sure use some. My fabric stash (es) all get jumbled up when I'm looking for that one shade of red, or whatever.
More on chat board.
Sara in Fla.


I am so glad you posted that picture and the rave review of the storage boards. I have purchased just one package of each size but haven't used them yet. If I like them as much as you I will invest in many more. I have a closet in my quilt room and half of it has hangers with pipe insulation on the horizontal bars on which I've hung large pieces and part has wire shelves on which, once upon a time, I had fabrics in plastic containers sorted by color. The entire thing has fallen into disarray, the top shelf is full of heaven knows what and the floor is covered with fabric pieces and various pieces of batting etc. I have 36" high cabinets which are full of UFOs, patterns, and all sorts of useless crap. The tops of the cabinets are full of stuff I just put there temporarily over a period of five years. There are also about fourteen years of magazines I will never look at again. I collapse with exhaustion every time I look in there.

There's a woman in my guild who, I just found out, cleans and organizes quilt rooms with heartless efficiency. I still have the plan that was prepared by the professional organizer whom I hired last fall, and with the help of the guild member who will help me for far less per hour than the organizer, hope to have things ship shape in a week or so. I'm scheduled for hand surgery (again) next Thursday and hope I won't be impaired too long but will have to make the trips to town for OT afterward. THEN I will start on DD's wedding quilt. The storage in the plastic boxes contributes to the mess because when you dig in there for something you end up auditioning several before a choice is made and I, at least, get back to the sewing and leave the mess behind. I'll send away for more of the plastic board gizmos tonight.

I suggest that others who've found great tools post a picture and a review. It would be such a service to the rest of us.

Jane in NC somewhat spring like today and tomorrow, cloudy and wet but high around 60F tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Now I Can Find What I Am Looking For .....

Since we moved to this house in 1996 my fabrics have been stored in bins, baskets and drawers, folded neatly but hidden away in dark cubbyholes where I had a hard time finding what I knew I had. It was annoying and aggravating to know that I had a fabric with scrumptious strawberries on it but yet I couldn't find it ....

Last year I received an inheritance and I resolved to spend some of the money on a dream system I had read about called "Fabric Organizers" (which you can find by doing a google search). There are two different systems of these plastic gizmos, one a bit larger than the other and I opted for the ones that measure 10" x 14" to wrap my fabrics around. It took a long time to wrap my fabrics (it was quite tedious) and it took a long time for the builder to build the shelves (he had illnesses in his family) but eventually it all came together and today was the day I happily ran up and down a ladder "shelving" my fabrics like a demented librarian with a new bunch of books .....

Now I can find that fabric with the strawberries on it ... it's with the other "garden" fabrics. LOL