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Saturday, August 2, 2008

My three...

Caryl Breyer Fallert, for her amazing use of colour and line.

Karen Kay Buckley, for her incredible appliqué and design skills.

Barbara Brackman, for collecting so much of the heritage of quilting and preserving it for future generations.

And then there are all the dozens of others who have brightened my path and helped me along the way -- three is not enough!

I have been so fortunate in being able to take classes from many of my quilting heroes over the years and have been immeasurably enriched by those experiences.


I think it's wonderful that you took the time to comment on our comments! LOL But seriously, Ami, we loved having you to our guild. Many have complained that our programs of recent years have not measured up. I have heard several conversations that started, "Do you remember when we had teachers like Ami Simms?"

I'm a pretty serious person, but reading your books (I think I read 3 in a row when I started out) helped me loosen up a bit and I absolutely love to look at the sewing rooms on your site.

Thanks for showing up here. I could be wrong but I think you and Sandi are the only "pros" who have posted.

Friday, August 1, 2008

3 Quilters

Although there are so very many.....
Mary Lou Weidman: why make a quilt when you can tell a story too!
Elly Sienkiewicz: how the Victorians told a story
Mary Ellen Hopkins: If you don't have time, just tell it anyway!

3 Quilters

Even though I probably have 200 quilt books & patterns (we counted one time for this list, anybody remember that??), I seldom make someone else's design. Nevertheless there are lots that I drool over!! But my favorite books are from the Little Quilts Ladies, any Nancy Martin decorating book and the Possibilities Baby quilt books.

That being said, Ami Simms was a hoot at our guild. She opened the door to imperfect quilts! I don't paperpiece, but Carol Doaks was also fun. And I like Sandi Irish's designs. I met her a long time ago when she still worked at CountryPeddler in St. Paul.

That's my 2 cents worth. There are lots of quilts that I admire but would never make myself. Wouldn't have time anyway. I can't get to all the ones waiting to get out of my head!

Thanks for jumpstarting the posts!
judy in ar

my influences in quilting

I would watch Alex Anderson, got quilting books that interested me (the first book I got had fat quarters in it and I wondered what the heck that was :0), took classes at a quilt shop and retreats with local teachers which helped me the most in my quilting. The most famous teacher that I learned from was Mary Ellen Hopkins.
Lonna in Wi

Quilter that inspired me

I started quilting years ago using Eleanor Burns books and continue to do so. I also took a class with Carol Doak that started me on my journey to paper piecing. Love her technique. There too many others to name that have continued to inspire me and now that I am retired I sew almost everyday. Marge

Influential quilters

I have 3 to add.
1. Fons and Porter. They have some lovely books, and these books have inspired me to quilt.
2.Jackie of White Cottage Quilting. She gave me a beginners lesson many years ago and got me started.
3. Ineke Berlyn. This lady makes lovely scenic wall hangings. Very different form the traditional bed quilts that I usually make.
Glad you are getting better Jane.
Beverley. AKA Stripey Bear.

3 Quilters

Ami Simms' book, How to Improve Your Quilting Stitch, was the one which helped me learn how to quilt. Trudi Hughes introduced me to Template Free Quiltmaking. And finally, Lynette Jensen made it easy to complete quilts quickly. I have also learned from some of those mentioned by the Judys as well plus many more, including my friends here and in my guilds. Laura

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wow! It's almost Impossible!

Judy, when you think of the numerous famous quilters that have encouraged us, it's almost impossible to think of a favorite. And yet, as I thought about your post, I realized that my hand quilting was greatly improved when I began using the Roxanne thimble designed by Roxanne McElroy and after I read the book, That Perfect Stitch, by her daughter, Dierdra McElroy.

In addition, I spent many mornings watching Alex Anderson's Simply Quilts and also Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting.

Oh, oh! I'd better quit and give someone else a chance to respond. I could go on and on now that I've started but I shan't. Someone else, chime in please!


Name Your Top Three Favorite Quilters

In an effort to provoke some postings on our sleepy BB I'll propose a topic that I saw on another forum. Name your three favorite well-known or famous quilters, nationally or internationally known quilters who are a source of inspiration or awe for you.

I'll start by naming my three: Harriet Hargrave who has influenced my machine quilting with her books on the subject, Kaffe Fassett for his awesome use of bold, bright colors (talk about eye candy!!) and Judy Martin for her long career in self-publishing and creating new designs year after year after year.

Of course I could name more than three (and you probably could too) but the name of this topic is to limit yourself to three ..... and please make your list as a new posting, not as a comment hidden after mine.