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Friday, February 20, 2009

Looking For

Hi Ladies,
I am looking for a piece of fabric from the Blank Textiles Ovarian Cancer Awareness Inspirations Line. There seems to be a difference in dye lots between each of the collections, so I'm hoping maybe someone on here may have used some of this fabric in the past few years. The one I'm looking for has tiny allover leaves and I think it's called tiny vines. The yardage from collection II is a richer teal, while the current collection III looks greener. I planned my quilt around the richer fabric and the new one looks washed out in comparison. The selvedge pattern number on the new one is 3913. I don't know if it is the same on the older one because my fat quarter is missing that part.

I have emailed quiltshops.com and hoped maybe someone here might have some in their stash. I'm in the middle of a quilt for the daughter of my best friend who died from ovarian cancer in 2007.

Judy in AR

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

oh, something else...

I discovered something very cool on the Flickr website. It's a picture sharing site.
They have this feature, it may be somewhat new.
When you search for pictures, say quilts, up above the search window you can check mark
a window that say "groups". when you do that it will giving you groupings of photos that have
been created by a member that creates a theme or group of pictures which can then be added to ,or not, by others.
For instance if you wanted to put a group of quilts from a show or a class or a group you would give it a name & other people can add to it. Your creating a subgroup & not having to look at a million pictures that you don't want.
It's easier to try it than it is for me to explain. here's a couple things I found that were fun.
sewing themed tattoos! Crazy quilts, quilts from festivals, disappearing nine patch, chicken coops, on and on
it's really fun ........but addictive! try it! Jill

more comfort quilts

I may have told this story before but it changed my thinking about charity quilts.
I was helping make quilts for an organization called Babies in Need. I was really doing
it more to be with my quilting friends & kind of thought charity quilts were a waste of
time. The director of the organization came & she explained what they did & she told
this little story to us.
She was visiting one of the resale shops that honors the gift cards put in the package which
is given to low income Moms when they leave the hospital. They receive coupons for diapers , baby clothes, usually a car seat & of course a hand made quilt.
There was a new Mom using her card & talking to the sales clerk about the gift she had received from Babies in Need . She showed the clerk her new baby & said to her "Someone made this quilt just for my baby"
Well, it gave me a whole new perspective about charity quilting! It does make a difference to many recipients that someone thought enough to spend the time to provide comfort to those in need. So if one charity quilt ends up in a dog house there are probably 20 more that are providing warmth & comfort to a veteran, or a child with cancer, or someone like Judy with a
very sore tummy! So keep up the good work everyone! Jill

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Simplest Things Can Comfort

I recently spent DAYS in the hospital after surgery...you don't want to know the details. I simply want to mention that donated items to hospitals, fire victims, servicemen, Project Linus, etc., are so very much appreciated.
While in the hospital the nurse brought me a small pillow....a simple 9x12 pillow made with a single piece of fabric and stuffed with pouffy stuffing. This little pillow did an admirable job of providing comfort for my poor tummy as I lay on my side and also for propping under my pillow to cradle my ear. Such a simple item and such a simple gesture, but so very much appreciated by me as the recipient. Thank you to all of you who take the time to provide even the smallest gesture of comfort and concern.