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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thank you, Ladies

I've spent the past several weeks helping my DB as he made several (numerous) trips to the Veteran's Hospital in Omaha. No, it hasn't been a hassle...it's been a joy, really, because I love my DB. And these trips literally saved his life.

Yesterday, after a post-surgery checkup, and as we were leaving the hospital, I spied a couple ladies unloading a Tall stack of lap quilts from a van. They placed them in the seat of a wheelchair to transport them inside.

I wish I had taken a photo...even had my camera in my purse...but missed the opportunity. Still....if any Omaha quilters are onboard here, here's a hearty "Thank You" for your kind thoughtfulness and care.

And to that, I add a "Thank You" to the staff at the hospital. They have been super in their care of my brother and patient with all my questions. (smile)