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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Not only is the Pattern Request link not working, it would be ineresting if you went for a stroll onthe page and found some links have not worked for5 or 6 or 7 years.

My question is: Why the neglect? And why has the page NOT be changed to reflect what activity is taking place? If you can add to a page (the new WWQP Bulletin Board was added) then why not take away some of the things that don't function.

My main complaint is that the Pattern Request page has been over-run with Viagra and other ads just as the Bulletin Board was previously. There has been no effort to remove those ads. There has been no response to many persons who wrote and asked for relief! There has been no offer to add someone to the group with "authority" to clean up the page.

This is pure neglect and does not reflect well on people who have shown great pride in being on the internet for 10 years (or whatever!). Is this a "Feather in their cap?" that now is on display for thousands of people to see and wonder why they have allowed this to happen?

WHY??? And what is GOING TO BE DONE?? Right now it appears as though it has been removed, with no notice to the faithful followers who relied on this page for various reasons.

Some answers would be helpful. The "followers" are beginning to realize they are being kicked to the curb. Is that the way you would treat your customers if this were a paying business?
I think not. Are we just no-bodies????


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