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Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm off!

When they said it was going to snow for two days, I got a new pattern to play with to keep me from going crazy. I had finished my two major projects that I vowed I would, but got stuck on the backs and was ready for something new.

So - you can suffer with me.

The pattern is Trip Times Two which is a variation on Blanch Youngs method of Trip Around the World. The advantage is that it's made with smaller blocks and is easier to handle. I've made several of the other kind and love the look.

Spent all last evening reading the directions and finally got the picture straight in my head. (I think)

Today I spent hours tearing out fabric from hiding places and have two sets of graduated colors. That should give me four blocks to start with. I'm going to sew them together before I spend another life time picking out more "runs". I took pictures of the fabric and looked at them in black and white (Ithink I picked that hint up on this site) so I have to shift a couple of them around. It's hard to decide but I'm going to go with the pictures.


  • At March 2, 2009 at 8:05 AM , Blogger Judy in Ohio said...

    Milli, we will be expecting to see "progress reports" from time to time with blocks on your design wall as the quilt takes shape. We will cheer you on .....

    Judy in Ohio

  • At March 3, 2009 at 3:58 PM , Blogger Jill from Portland said...

    I can't wait to see them!
    At 1st I thought maybe you were talking about a pattern I have called Boston Commons X2. It's a class that was popular years ago.
    You cut & sew strata which ultimately become 2 Boston Commons quilts, one with the colors going one way & the 2nd quilts with the colors going the opposite way.
    A fabulous way to do 2 baby quilts at once or just 2 gifts or charity quilts. It makes such a fun class!


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