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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

oh, something else...

I discovered something very cool on the Flickr website. It's a picture sharing site.
They have this feature, it may be somewhat new.
When you search for pictures, say quilts, up above the search window you can check mark
a window that say "groups". when you do that it will giving you groupings of photos that have
been created by a member that creates a theme or group of pictures which can then be added to ,or not, by others.
For instance if you wanted to put a group of quilts from a show or a class or a group you would give it a name & other people can add to it. Your creating a subgroup & not having to look at a million pictures that you don't want.
It's easier to try it than it is for me to explain. here's a couple things I found that were fun.
sewing themed tattoos! Crazy quilts, quilts from festivals, disappearing nine patch, chicken coops, on and on
it's really fun ........but addictive! try it! Jill


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