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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Still Hand Quilting My Latest Shirt Quilt

My hand-quilting project (the shirt quilt) is coming along nicely. We seldom watch TV but when we do, I pick up this project and work another block. Here are a couple photos.

Each and every fabric in this quilt, including the border strips, came from 'barely-used' shirts and blouses. If you want to try this yourself, try for an assortment in terms of stripes, plaids, paisleys, florals, etc. And stick to a particular colorway. This quilt would look really weird if I had included vivid green, for instance. On the other hand, there are some really nifty shirts out there...oranges, yellows, purples, etc.

You can read my blog for other quilty and non-quilty posts by clicking here. Once you get there you can view my more quilty posts by scrolling down on the right hand side to the column marked "Labels" and click on "quilts".

Don't forget...you can click on photos for a closer view.

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