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Monday, June 14, 2010

Forced to Become a Blogger Can Be Annoying

Eric forced all of us to become "bloggers" to get away from the horrid flood of spam that overtook our dear old BB format and some of the tricks of being a blogger are bothersome to deal with.

Remembering which of the two boards to use is a stumbling block for some of us .... the Bulletin Board or the Chat Board.

And perhaps Sandra chose a password that involves capital letters, lower case letters and symbols that might be fouling her up ... or maybe mixture of letters and digits? Me, I chose to use a super simple password in all lower case which violates all the rules of creating a password but, after all, this is merely a quilting forum, not a bank account. :-)

Sometimes password woes are caused by accidentally having the caps lock key "on".

There have been times when Blogger hasn't worked properly .... but I have not been able to access the WWQP BB at all, as though the whole system is paralyzed. I blame that on Google. In that case I go away and wait for another day.

Nothing on this BB is worth trying over and over again for a long period of time. But that's just my attitude ...

Judy in Ohio


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