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Friday, January 1, 2010

Projects, Past and Future ...

First off, everyone should read Pirate's reply to the post by Judy in Ar that is prompting replies. Pirate is gonna make the rest of us look like sloths but that's okay, we love her anyway. :-)

I discovered a book called "Quilts From the Selvage Edge" and became enchanted with the idea of making tote bags with panels made from selvages. Some people actually make quilts out of selvage panels but I'm too wimpy for that ... just made plenty of tote bags. It was fifteen at last count before I decided to give myself a breather. If you google the book's title you'll find a website and you'll find there's a woman who has made a dress out of selvages. Now that's really crazy!

I had some shelves built for my sewing room and bought some fabric organizing "boards" made of plastic and spent many weeks sorting and organizing my fabrics on to these boards. This ate into my sewing time but now when I want to find something it is as if I am in my own little mini quilt shop where all of my fabrics are in plain view. Here's my Webshots link and if you go to the album that says "Quiltmaking Room" you can see my shelves.


Made some purses out of jeans as gifts for the women I work with.

Made my first official UFO, a large wallhanging that gave me "quilter's elbow" when I tried to machine quilt it with a very large motif that strained my left elbow with all of the hauling and shoving on my mid-arm machine. Some day I might unstitch what I've done and send it off to a long arm but probably not. It's more than half done and I'd probably wreck my wrist with unstitching. The woes of too many birthdays are not pretty.

Right now I am working on the 2010 Hoffman Challenge .... something I'm calling "Buried Treasure".

I've finished a piece called 'Which One's the Magic Button?" that I will be sending off to Australia pretty soon for an international challenge that a friend in Bunbury, Australia dares me to enter. Although I don't know why I call her a friend .... I hand tied over 270 buttons on the doggoned thing.

Judy in Ohio


  • At January 3, 2010 at 6:29 PM , Blogger Selvage Quilter said...

    I'm glad to hear about all your tote bags! It's fun to use selvages, isn't it? Try a quilt sometime. You'll be done in no time at all. Check out this link to see how to make really fast flying geese blocks with selvages (scroll down and look in the sidebar). www.selvageblog.blogspot.com. If you email photos of your tote bags I'll post them on the Selvage Blog to inspire everyone. Best wishes.
    Karen Griska


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