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Thursday, February 26, 2009

magazine storage

I, too, had stacks and stacks of magazines. A few years back, I finally sorted thru them & offered up the ones I didn't want on line to get them out. The rest I placed in a plastic container made for files. I didn't use the file pieces included, just the container. It holds several years' worth & makes it easier to find specific issues. It has a raised lid, which accommodates oversized and is stackable tho I keep only one. I filed the magazines by title and chronologically. Now when I read thru a magazine, I note on the cover what is inside that I'm keeping the issue for or put it in the pass on pile.

I also know of people who just clip out the articles they want to keep and put them in notebooks. The problem I have with that is that over the years, people's tastes change and there might be something else in a magazine that you wouldn't have made back then, but is what you love now.

As an aside--sort of like this: Many, many (about 30) years ago, I put all the recipes I had clipped into big 3 ring notebooks divided by categories I could relate to. I can honestly say that I have NEVER opened those notebooks again to use any of those recipes!!! And I still have boxes of recipes clipped since. LOL

PS I still haven't found my ovarian cancer fabric and am at a standstill on my quilt. I guess none of the quiltshops.com 238 shops have bolts of fabric past 2 years old. :(


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