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Thursday, January 26, 2012

This Quilt Has Moved to Scotland

The photo above was taken while a gift quilt was on my couch in Ohio but I packed it up and sent it to my dear friend, a "mad English gardener" who happens to have moved to Scotland. She sold her home in England that had the loveliest perennial garden I had ever seen and I felt that she needed to have a beautiful garden that she could have with her forever. This quilt made from kit from Keepsake Quilting certainly "hit the spot" because her thank-you email arrived today and it was heartfelt and enthusiastic.

In the package I included instructions on how to curl up with the quilt and read books and if she should spill some cocoa or tea on it then I also included laundering instructions. I told her it is a utility quilt that is to be used because the more she launders it, the softer it will become. She has been told that there is nothing more annoying than a gift quilt that is put on a shelf and left untouched. :-)

Judy in Ohio


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