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Friday, May 28, 2010


To anyone who subscribes to Quiltmaker magazine take note. As I went through my bills to pay file today I had one in there from some contractor in Nevada telling me that I could renew for two years. I wanted to renew for just one year as I don't buy green bananas at my age. The form just let me make a partial payment of something around $30 and another payment would be due in a month. I finally called and got a recorded message that reeled off the terms of this deal and that I could still pay my subscription to the magazine whenever it comes due and to check the mailing label for the expiration date of my current subscription. Duh. When I checked it I discovered that my subscription doesn't expire until March/April 2012! Those crooks. I must have just paid for two years a couple of months ago. Be on the lookout. I get several quilt magazines and lose track so generally respond when they send me notice that I'm about to expire. That's just it. I sure as heck don't intend to renew for four years. I might expire myself before that. One less bill to pay.



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