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Monday, May 17, 2010

I've Finally Made My Perfect Nap Quilt

After making quilts for seventeen years I've finally made my perfect nap quilt. (I should explain that I'm a firm believer in taking a mid-day nap when the opportunity presents itself.)

A quilt top purchased on eBay because of its charming yellow squares seemed like a good victim for an experiment with my first use of Hobbs Premium Wool Batting and since the package had Harriet Hargraves name on it as an endorsement I figured how could I go wrong. The fine print on the packaging said I would have to quilt every three inches and that I could not toss this quilt in the clothes dryer but I survived and now I have the snuggliest, coziest quilt for napping that a grandma could ask for.

Too bad blogger won't let me add photos this morning. I'll try later.


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