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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Projects

Judy I love your quilt. I will enjoy looking at it every day for inspiration.
When the question was posted by Sarah I was just finishing up my post Easter linen washing. I saw the kits for the two lap quilts and I pre-washed them too. One thing led to another and I finished 3 quilt tops. The first pattern is Fire Escape by Terry Atkinson.
The next is Charming Log Cabin by Gina Halladay of Threaded Pear Studio.

Next I needed a wedding gift just as AP&Q Quilt Sampler appeared on the newsstands. The pattern was featured by The Wild Rose Quilt Shop & Retreat in Orting, Washington. I loved their fabric grouping but thought, "Hey, I have some paisley I love already." and started pulling from the stash. Yay for stash depletion!

Even if I don't get around to anything else this summer I am happy with these results.



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