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Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Machine Quilting is a Bit More Subdued Than Schambers!

Yesterday I rinsed and dried a Hobbs 80/20 batt in preparation for layering a recent shirt quilt...nothing fancy, just a scrappy 4-patch. I plan to machine quilt this one and when it is finished I hope to baste yet another shirt quilt that I am working on. (Last night I stitched the rest of the black border in place. You can click for a closer view.)

I want you to know, that while my machine quilting will be free-motion on my vintage Singer 201, it will never, never, never match up to Sharon Schamber's magnificent (albeit tedious) quilting. There simply are not enough years, days, hours in my life to do that. Not to mention that my Singer 201 is pretty stuck on sewing like an ordinary sewing machine from the 1940s. Not to mention that my hubby, who has some health issues, sorta expects me to do the odd jobs around the house...and quilting is not one of those odd jobs. roflol

Nevertheless, I am going to be very content and happy, stitching along, meandering over square after square, looking forward to putting this quilt on a bed.

I do hope some of you will post photos of your latest quilty creations! If you've never posted a photo here, it's simple. Go to "new post" at the top of the page. Then where you would type a message, there is a little icon (landscape with blue sky) that you click. Then you simply browse your computer for the photo you want.

P.S. If some of you blog, leave your blog URL here.
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