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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

sewing table

I bet if you google sewing table or sewing machine cabinet you will get lots of free plans. I'm sure I have a plan from years ago, but dh never got around to building it. . . . However, when I got my computer sewing machine, he bought the cabinet with it which is a Parsons. It has lots of room to the right that you can fold up if you don't want. I love the desk aspect with drawers down the side. The left side can also be folded down or up. I had him remove the door in front of the drawers. My machine is always open and I want instant access!!

One thing I like is the measuring rule painted or finished right into the wood in front of the machine.

I never equated the drag on the quilt being due to a straight front. I'm always having to lift the quilt up off my lap to feed freely. I, too, have a much easier time with baby quilts, pillows or wall quilts or anything I can stitch in the ditch. Years ago I machine quilted shapes in the blank squares of a huge quilt. I have no idea how I did it, must have been naivity, cuz I sure can't manage it now.

My cabinet has the hydrolic lift for raising and lowering the machine for free arm or not. Love that feature!!!

judy in ar


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    Hi Judy,
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