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Thursday, January 22, 2009

this & that

This morning I took doggy outside at 6:30 and the tropical plants were hanging down, looking like they were covered with frost. I thought they would be gone, and a lot of yard work was in the near future. I think it was about 22 degrees here then.
Just now I went out with her and it was 65, and the plants had sprung back to life. Hopefully some of the others will also. I know the angel's trumpet won't, but it grows so fast that won't be a problem.
I think sometimes quilters can be the most wonderful people. Then someone says something, thinking it would be funny, or cute, and cut the other person off an the knees. Sort of like a church.
If we thought about what we were saying, and who it would hurt, or how it would sound, we would all keep more quiet.
I'm guilty! Hopefully as I age I am a bit more gracefull in my speach.
The cold snap has been wonderful for DH's work. They are as busy as in August.
Our running group is going 13 miles this Sat. at 6AM---oh. I haven't getting up before 7 AM in the last week due to the cold weather. Going to have to ramp it up a few notches. That is the last long run before the Feb 15th race. Hopefully Sat. AM won't be as cold, it's supposed to be better tomorrow. I love the clear, blue sky.
The right eye is doing better every day. The floresent lights in the stores bother me some, they seem to "strobe" but sunlight and incondescent light seem OK. I've been driving today and everything was fine.
Nothing earthshattering here. The jets have stoped flying over every 5 min. Found out there was an aircraft carrier in port at Mayport, so that was the reason.
Going to watch some mindless HGTV or some such for 30 min.
Sara in sunny, cool Fla.


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