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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Judy's Original Design Visited Ohio Years Ago

This photo gives you an excellent peek at Judy's original Y2K quilt that she finished in 1998.  She brought it along when she visited Ohio and so some Buckeyes could view it "in the cloth".  That's JudyPete on the left, Judy in Ohio (me) next to her and two other Ohio quilters make up the foursome.  This is her Y2K quilt made with 2.5 inch squares which became a queen sized quilt.

The quilt she just recreated was made with 1.25 inch squares (and 1/8th inch seams) so those squares in the previous photo are 1 inch squares.

JudyPete is my dearest friend but sometimes I roll my eyes at her projects.  LOL


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