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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Y2KQ repro

Well, it's coming right along.  I decided to reproduce my Y2K quilt in 1" squares (finished size).  I sew in blocks of 5x5 squares and sew 8 blocks together for each row.  There will be 10 rows total with only one row left to go.

Laying out the fabs is the slowest part. Stitching goes pretty fast.

Gotta keep sewin'!  I may get this done yet!

Sorry about the side-ways photo...sometimes my photos flip when I upload them.

In the small photo you can see that I've included my daughter in this quilt...that's what she looked like about 35 years ago!

Looking forward to getting this done and trying to figure out how to quilt it? Probably by machine...probably with a light batt.

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