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Saturday, April 5, 2014

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For several years I was an avid quilter and daily follower of this board. I haven't been around too much lately, but I do still read it from time to time. I made many completed quilts plus numerous tops that were sold on ebay and to a couple of internet friends. The desire to quilt isn't the same now and I need to free up space for other things. I'd like to pass these items along to someone that can use them.

FSOT%20%20Quilting%20Items You will need to copy and paste this link. It will take you to my Photobucket album of quilting notions (12 photos). I apologize but I couldn't figure out how to do it otherwise.

These are items which I purchased over the last several years. Most of them have never been used or maybe once. The retail prices listed are the ones I could find a year ago. The EQ5 quilting software books were lightly used and are in new condition. Whomever buys this lot of items will receive my copy of the software. If these items were purchased today their total price would be well over $100. I’m asking $75 via PayPal. There are no pets or smoking in our home. US please.


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