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Friday, August 16, 2013

My "Footprint Challenge"

In 2003 I became the grandmother of identical twin girls.  That same year my DS and DDIL began an annual tradition of making acrylic paint footprints on muslin or percale fabrics.  They did not tell me they were doing this with their daughters until one day they presented me with pairs of painted footprints when the girls were four years old.

"Mom, someday we'd like you to make something using these fabrics with the girls' footprints." 

Ack, it was panic time!!  After all, these were rather special fabrics and I dare not mess up because they are irreplaceable.  And so I dithered and procrastinated and dithered and procrastinated some more.  2013 rolled around and I had ten years worth of footprint fabrics plus two sets of hand prints thrown in for good measure. 

And then a quilting friend told me that I should quit dithering around because if I wasn't careful I would have twenty years worth of footprints to deal with.  She said I should just pick some traditional pattern and work with it.   Her words were the spark I needed to light my creative fire and I picked up Roberta Horton's book Scrap Quilts and found a pattern called "Wild Goose Chase".  The footprints could go where a plain white center was supposed to be placed.  I decided to use Ricky Tims' dimensional one-seam Flying Geese method to give this quilt a whimsical touch.

The quilt tops are not finished yet.  I am quite tuckered out after piecing these two tops and am taking a break before I put the 2" red border on Alexandra's quilt and the 2" blue border on Elizabeth's quilt. But I thought I'd spread these almost-done quilt tops on the grass and share a photo with quilting friends who would understand the tediousness of making the same quilt top twice.  (I'll bet that the grandmothers of triplets do not make them quilts!)

Judy in Ohio


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