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Friday, June 21, 2013

New Way For Me to Be Organized :-)

Ever since I saw a "tour" of Libby Lehman's studio on The Quilt Show I suffered from serious envy of how she had her thread stash organized.  But I did not have the wall space in my sewing room like Libby had so I could not imitate her method.  Sigh.

Then I went to a home show in Columbus, Ohio, last spring and met a man who has a company called Secret Doorways and found a solution to my envy.  :-)  First photo shows my new Secret Doorways closed and with the shelves loaded with thread racks that my DH made to go on what should be bookshelves.  (What, you've never heard about thread shelves?)   The second photo shows the Secret Doorways opened so you can see the contents of the closet which used to have a pair of normal bi-fold doors to hide the contents.  DH said it was a bit of a chore to make all of those thread racks and he also says I should now be able to find the right shade of thread I need to shorten any new slacks of his whenever this domestic sewing job needs to be done.  :-(    


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