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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Humidity . . . oof!

We have gotten a slight break from our heat wave, yesterday and today, but the humidity level is horrendous. Right now, it is 78F and humidity is 90%. I took the dog outside for five minutes, and came back inside with hair that looked like a bad perm. The good news is we received one inch of rain this morning.

On Wednesday we hit 101F (38C!) but at least the humidty was down below 40%. Ah,,,, it's all about the trade-offs, I suppose. Yesterday could best be described as "muggy," and worse yet, I played golf in it, but the temperature didn't even reach 83F.

DH returned home this past Sunday night from his 10-day trip with the guys, to Ireland and Northern Ireland. They had nice weaather and were very grateful for it. They took some time to do a little bit of sightseeing, and DH brought back some nice photos. I'll try to insert one here - - of The Giant's Causeway. You can Google it for the info; DH thinks it is quite spectacular and I agree.


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