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Monday, January 31, 2011


Well, DH thought it would be a good idea to trim the dogs' nails ourselves. Wrong! After about 20 min. with one dog tonight, we gave up. Maybe got one nail done.
The noise scares them, and it sure isn't fun.
I forgot to mention that I fell in the water for the first time kayaking! Against my better judgement I let DH talk me into getting into the kayak from the very steep dock. Luckily only my legs got wet, as the kayak went sideways. I had on 2 jackets due to the wind, and that would have been a mess.
After a bit of floundering, went to the gravel area next to the dock, got in fine.
Will get some pictures here after I find the camera.
Doris--glad you had some warmer weather. The sunshine always lifts our spirits.
Going to bed early tonight. Spent time at the car dealership today trying to get an allignment, only to be told I need new tires. They have just under 36,000 miles, but I guess they are not as good as ones I used to buy. Going back to Michelin tires, from another place. SUV tires are more expensive than car tires, so I'll be dropping about $900.00 tomorrow. Guess I'll be keeping the SUV a few more years!
Sara in Fla.


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